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  • How To Market Apartments On A Small Budget Tip 3

    How to market your apartments on a small budget Tip 3. Historical Blog Post Optimization? Simply put, historical  blog post optimization means optimizing your “old” blog content so it’s fresh, up-to-date, and has the ability to generate even more leads and ranking on Google and Bing and conversions than it already does. By “old,” I just […]

  • Don’t Make This Apartment Leasing & Marketing Mistake 2

    Don’t Make This Apartment Leasing & Marketing Mistake 2 Leasing & Marketing Mistake 2: Not having a way for the prospect to contact the apartment community that doesn’t require any other information than an email address. Long forms such as guest cards do not produce nearly the same number of leads. In fact, I have […]

  • Don’t Make This Apartment Leasing Mistake 2

    Texting for Apartment Leases Fourteen months ago I had a client put a smartphone on each of their apartment communities; we have since provided the leasing teams with their own smartphone due to the demand of texting and the high response rate. Texting has increased the conversions on all lead types. And yes they are […]

  • How To Market Apartments On A Small Budget Tip 2

    How to market your apartments on a small budget Tip 2. Email Marketing People spend far too much time, money and effort chasing after new prospect lead when they usually have old prospect leads that they have either given up on or forgot all about. The most valuable leads you have are over a year […]

  • Don’t Make This Apartment Leasing Mistake 1

    Don’t Make This Apartment Leasing Mistake 1 Apartment Leasing Mistake: Not Having an Effective E-lead Response Strategy. The biggest frustration I have is how leasing teams work leads. In my portfolio E-leads are more often than not the most neglected form of leads that apartment communities have. Not having an effective lead response strategy is […]

  • Market Your Apartments On A Small Budget

    How to market your apartments on a small budget Tip 1. Create Short Model Videos Provide styling tips or how-to’s for your apartment models! Upload to YouTube and your website, share on social media and Pinterest and be sure to include relevant keywords in the title, description and available tags. This would also be a great […]

  • Lease Renewal Strategies

    Lease Renewal Strategies that Help You Manage Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about lease expiration’s? If every resident simply moved in and stayed….and stayed…and stayed? Ah, but this is the real world—and in the real world, leases expire and residents move out. Even the best resident retention plan won’t completely […]

  • Apartment Employees: Take-Charge Interviewing

    Apartment Employees: Take-Charge Interviewing What is it about interviews that makes us think we can “wing it?” We’d never go into any other important meeting unprepared….as professionals, we are accustomed to doing our homework and getting our ducks in a row. Whether we write it down, or just think it through, we typically have a […]

  • Resident Referrals

    Resident Referrals This app helps renters cash in on resident referral bonuses Rentgrata connects people searching for apartments with the current residents of apartment communities. The prospect can communicate with their peers and receive personalized feedback from someone who actually lives in the building. If the prospect signs a lease, the prospect and the resident […]

  • Techniques to Make Presentation Content More Memorable

    Apartment Presentations By Mary Sandro © ProEdge Skills, Inc. ( Raw information tickles the logical mind and bores the rest of the mind to sleep.  The result of an overly logical presentation: bored, sleepy listeners who remember nothing and do nothing.  Great presenters start with raw information, add their opinions, color it with imagery, and […]

  • Apartment Management: Employment

    In the multifamily housing industry, having quality employees is not only a necessity for providing good service and keeping properties leased up—it is also a security issue. Onsite employees often have access to residents’ apartments—and to their most private and valuable belongings. Even those who do not have key access may have access to highly […]

  • Apartment Review Management

    Apartments Reviews An Action Plan for Proactive Reputation Management By Tami Siewruk Nobody’s perfect. That’s a fact, not an excuse; which is why it’s crucial for apartment communities to realize that the way they handle apartment review management and resident complaints is every bit as important as trying to provide great service in the first […]