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  • Government Ideas for Multifamily

    Ideas for Multifamily Telephone residents and encourage them to register to vote. Provide a voter pick up or transportation service for seniors. Campaign for a candidate who is running for an office. Organize a public issues forum for candidates. Contact your juvenile court system. Find out if they have a “Kids in Court” program to […]

  • Apartment Titles, Titles Everywhere!

    Apartment Titles, Titles Everywhere! I am so confused! When I first entered this industry back in the early 70s, our terminology consisted of standard terms, including “leasing agent,” “resident,” “onsite manager,” “assistant manager,” and “property manager” and “property supervisor. But then again, we were also using words like “tenant,” “complex,” and “unit”—strictly taboo today. What […]

  • Volunteer Trend: Ideas for Multifamily

      Volunteer Trend: Ideas for Multifamily Put up a Help-O-Meter to keep track of the number of hours youth volunteer in the apartment community. Organize a recognition program for the volunteers who lead your community organizations. Work in a concession stand to raise money for a good cause. Wear a community shirt Make a gift […]

  • Lease More Apartments

      101 Secrets of Relationship Leasing! The first edition of Tami’s acclaimed “How To” for leasing more apartments and keeping more renters was released in 1999 and changed the careers and lives of thousands of Leasing Professionals! This new edition has been updated to create a new generation of front-line powerhouses … a MUST HAVE […]

  • Crime Fighting Ideas for Multifamily

    Crime Fighting: Start a Crime clue box. Survey your neighborhood to find out what people think are the leading crime causes. Start a neighborhood watch program. Join a community crime prevention organizations such as DARE or McGruff Program. Work with local government to start a victim’s aid support service. Create a TV or radio public […]

  • Voice Search

    Voice Search In 2018, voice search is one of the biggest threats to SEOs. When creating content, you have to consider the way in which people actually speak and how they would search using voice commands. Attend session seven at Brainstorming and learn Voice Control For Leasing, Marketing and Management Attend this session and then […]

  • Safety Ideas For Multifamily

    Safety: Take a life saving class. Create a play that teaches young children how to stay safe at home. Design a flier of after-school safety tips and deliver it to daycare centers and grade schools. Check railroad crossings and make signs to promote safety. Offer a safety workshop prior to July 4th. Ask your parents […]

  • Multifamily Designations

    Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of  many designations available to members of the apartment industry. Simply click on any link below in order to access additional information. Please note that designations may have been introduced since this update, and fees or contact information may have changed. If you know of a designation that should […]

  • Training Your Team to Sell Rent Increases

    Getting residents to swallow a rent increase has never been easy; but it’s more difficult now than ever thanks to today’s economic market conditions. In order to successfully increase rents, your team must be ready for battle. They must understand why the increase is necessary and be confident in explaining it, over and over again. […]

  • The 2018 Multifamily Brainstorming Process

    The 2018 Multifamily Brainstorming Process Vote for the best ideas! We show the results directly on screen to all attendees with a bar chart. And then we move on to developing the ideas that were voted the most useful     Compare contributions! We then show the results according to several criteria with the bubble chart on […]

  • Eliminating Concessions In Apartment Leasing

    The Leasing Professionals Guide to Eliminating Concessions, Raising Rents and Selling Rent Increases Every Time By Tami L. Siewruk THE BOOK: This comprehensive program starts with the definitive book on raising rents, eliminating concessions and selling rent increases in multifamily communities, sourced from over 30 years of multifamily experience and across-the-board expertise. From presenting financial […]

  • Neighborhood Enhancement Ideas for Multifamily

    Neighborhood Enhancement Ideas for Multifamily Neighborhood Enhancement: Help neighbors paint and repair their homes. Arrange for the local health department to conduct neighborhood health checks. Volunteer to teach classes on a sport you enjoy and know a lot about. Contact Habitat for Humanity to see how you can support them in your community. Work with […]