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  • Rent Increases & Concessions Part Three

    Rent Increases & Concessions Part Three FACTORS THAT SUPPORT VALUE—AND THEREFORE, A HIGHER RENTAL RATE It’s important to lease not only from a position of value but also from a position of competitive advantage; and these advantages are the factors that support higher rental rate you’re requesting from the resident or prospective resident. As compared […]

  • Rent Increases & Concessions Part Two

    Rent Increases & Concessions Part Two SENDING THE RIGHT SIGNALS Sometimes sending the right signals is as simple as stopping ourselves from sending the wrong ones. How can they tell when we’re not completely sold on the value we’re offering, ourselves? The most glaring signal is that an uncertain Leasing Professional will avoid discussion of […]

  • Apartment Leasing: Handling a Future Resident Inquiry Part Four

    Handling a Future Resident Inquiry  Part Four By Tami Siewruk Recording the Telephone Conversation Write down every detail that the future resident gives you throughout your conversation and use it. Your goal is to set up an appointment and to get the contact information you’ll need in order to follow up if necessary. If you […]

  • Apartment Leasing Pt. III

    The Telephone Greeting – Apartment Living   Catchy answering phrases seem to be all the rage with businesses lately. “This-is-Blah-Blahblah-at-XYZ-apartments-where-blah-blah-blah-and-blah-blah-blah and blah-blah-blah!” To be honest, I never remember the person’s name, much less what else was said — if I even understood it in the first place because they said it all in one breath! […]

  • Apartment Leasing Pt. II

    Handling a Future Resident Inquiry Part Two When you hold any position in property management that requires you to answer a telephone, chances are better than good that when the phone rings, there’s either a resident or future resident on the other end of it. For those of us that are Apartment Leasing Professionals, with […]

  • Apartment Leasing I

    Handling a Future Resident Inquiry The Basics: Handling a Future Resident Inquiry   Apartment leasing starts with the Relationship Leasing process. This process begins, and actually revolves around the future resident’s desire for information about your community.  Each step of the process is forming a pyramid. Step one, handling the future resident inquiry, is the […]

  • Use the Seven Key Qualifying Leasing Questions

    Seven Key Qualifying Leasing Questions These questions must be asked as if the future resident is indeed moving in to the community. In short, assume they have already leased. This technique is called assumptive qualifying. Yes you guessed it! We need to use the same kinds of questions that we used on the telephone in […]

  • Apartments: Mixed Reality Living Spaces

    Shape shifting environment for very small spaces “Mixed Reality Living Spaces” is an utopian solution for a dystopian scenario. In the near future, a good part of the world’s urban population will be forced to live in windowless apartments with areas limited to 100 square feet full of flagpoles. When the time comes that we […]

  • Apartment Leasing: Qualifying

    Qualifying The purpose of qualifying in the leasing process is to make certain that the future resident can meet the needs of your community and vice versa. Qualifying not only saves the Leasing Professional time, but also saves the future resident time as well. Keep in mind that the qualifying process is more of a […]

  • Apartment Marketing :Your Staff is Your Best Publicity Asset

     Your Staff is Your Best Publicity Asset By Russell Trahan   Throughout the business landscape, countless days and hours are spent on the hiring process—rifling through resumes, conducting phone and in-person interviews and vetting potential hires—and for good reason. Company payroll budgets only contain so much flexibility for new employees, and selecting the correct individual […]

  • Social Media True or False

    True or False? Does social media generate leasing traffic to your community? Please let me know what you think and I’ll provide the answer I have come up with over the past year of social network marketing. Related articles across the web Trend: Geofencing

  • Tami’s Friday Night Reading

    Hello John! Here is the reading list you requested. I will post my weekly reading list here weekly for you and anothers please comment on articles so we can have a discussion. [View the story “Friday Night Reading” on Storify]