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Our apartment seminars and workshops are fully-customized to create a unique experience for your company.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

In Tami's Workshops, You See It! Hear It! and Do It!

Online Apartment Marketing Interactive Workshops

Online Apartment Marketing Courses and Seminars

Apply proven marketing strategies to increase your occupancy, traffic and rents with Multifamilypro’s marketing training.

With competition increasing every day, along with the mounting pressures that characterize tough economic times, you need proven marketing techniques that you can use to generate demand for your apartments.

For proven marketing strategies that can work in both good times and bad. Our seminars led by Tami Siewruk will help you optimize your strategy to not only to compete but to win!

Upcoming Marketing Workshops

Apartment Marketing Today Part One: Proven Strategies to Generate & Track FREE Leads Using Google My Business, July 22nd 2021

Apartment Marketing Today Part Two: Social Media For Lead Generation, August 26th 2021

Apartment Marketing Today Part Three: Yelp and Other Review Sites That Generate Leads, September 23rd 2021 

Apartment Marketing Today Part Four: Bing and Other Search Engines, October 21st 2021

Apartment Marketing Today Part Five: You Tube Marketing Strategy. It’s Not All About Videos, November 18th 2021

Apartment Marketing Today Part Six: The Power of Three in Email Marketing, December 16th 2021

Apartment Marketing Today Part Seven: Beyond Resident Referrals, January 20th 2022

Apartment Marketing Today Part Eight: How To Maximize Your ILS Listings, February 24th 2022

Apartment Marketing Today Part Nine: How To Find Renters, Who and Where Are They? March 24th 2022

Apartment Marketing Today Part Ten: April 21st 2022

Today's Apartment Marketing: SEO

Today’s Apartment Marketing: SEO

Everyone talks about the apartment marketing potential of SEO and social media but hardly anyone knows the secrets of using it with success. 

How is this done? How do we get our apartment communities listed on the first page on Google, Yahoo and Bing? What tools do we need and how do we use them to develop and disseminate that information, get more traffic flooding in the front doors of our offices and even more engaged residents on board to keep the content cycle going strong?


In this one-day intensive workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to talk to the IT Department and website designers.
  • Understand the scope of search engine optimization initiatives.
  • And make effective, key decisions regarding SEO requirements and the organization’s overall business objectives.
  • How to evaluate your website for ranking, and the steps it takes to increase ranking.
  • Content that makes people click.
  • Identifying and using keywords, meta tags and titles with amazing results.
  • The 5 most import elements of every community website for driving revenue and rentals.
  • The 8-part secret to search engine optimization you didn’t know you knew and how to use it to drive apartment community income.

On the technical end you will learn:

What is Search Engine Optimization? How Search Engines Work, Organic Versus Paid Search, Anatomy of a Search Results Page, Why Apply SEO to Your Web site, How to implement SEO, The Benefits of Doing SEO, Examining a Stress Free System of doing SEO, Google Trends, Making Your Content Effective, Google Panda and SEO and Google Webmaster Tools.

Linking Strategies Through External and Internal Linking.Key Concepts – Authority, Relevancy and Page rank, A Comparison of Various Links, Links and Google Penguin and External Linking Strategies.

Types of Links: Understanding Link Diversity, Authority Site Links, Getting EDU Links, Building links externally to you, SEO Strategy for Cleaning Up Links, Tips for Finding Links and Try a Link Discovery Tool.

The Power of Internal Links: Internal Linking Strategies, HTML Sitemaps, XML Site Maps, Directory Style Sitemaps, No Follow Attribute, Absolute Versus Relative Links, Disavowing Links and How to Stay Out of Trouble with the Search Engines.

Getting the Most Out of Your Blog: Blogging and SEO, Optimizing Your Blog Posts, WordPress and SEO, Tips For Increasing Your Chances For Popular Posts, Understanding the Value of Trackbacks, How to set up and use Trackbacks, Blog Resources and Blog Search Engines.

Advanced Keyword Research: Keyword Forensic Analysis, Other Advanced Keyword Research Tips, Semantic Search, Resource Links, Google Local, Google Local – Photos, Videos and More.

Video SEO: Optimizing Your Videos,Video SEO, Keywords for Video, Create a Video Sitemap, Mobile Search and SEO: Mobile SEO Strategies, Personalization of Search, Google Plus, Google Authorship, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Panda and Penguin Rollouts.

Measuring What’s Important: KPI’s.

Don’t miss this opportunity of your career to gain that cutting, competitive edge everyone wants from today’s technology tools.

Together we’ll explore the world of opportunity that content represents and then actually create dynamite content that you can start using right away to engage residents and prospects and drive more traffic, NOW!


Must bring an Internet enabled laptop. We will supply the Internet connection.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Yelp and other online multimedia platforms are offering today’s communities more new apartment marketing opportunities than we’ve ever had. And not only are there more opportunities but there are more low-cost to no-cost ways to effectively get our brands out there, allowing apartment property management companies and apartment communities of any size or budget to employ them as effectively as the super-sized, big budgeted competition can! What constitutes great content? Exactly what information are our residents most likely to share and our prospects most likely to seek?

In this one-day intensive workshop you’ll learn:

  • To blend online marketing with offline marketing.
  • Social posts and which ones can raise your search rank.
  • Where and how to reach your audience.
  • How to cultivate a culture of information sharing around your apartment community.
  • The Content Cycle and how to get and keep the conversation going.
  • Exactly how to derive the meaningful, measurable revenue everyone wants from social media using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms with real results.
  • How to get, stay current and competitive as social and digital trends and tactics change and grow.
  • How to make marketing a team action.
  • Programs and strategies that will keep on giving.
  • How to get it all done in 30 minutes a day.
  • And more!

PLUS you will walk away with the content you need including photos, videos and other media tools to keep you marketing throughout the year. This includes free access to 1000’s, of custom blog posts and idea, resources and tip share on social.


Passwords and log in information for all the Internet based accounts you have. Including Bing, Yahoo, Google Pages, Google Plus, Yelp, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. If you currently do not have these accounts you will need to set them up prior to the workshop and bookmark them on your laptop. We will be using PDF files, PowerPoint and will open some files in excel so please make certain those programs are on your laptop.

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Apartment Leasing Today

Apartment Leasing Today

For many Multifamily Leasing Professionals, leasing has become a challenge with the change in consumer’s expectations, higher rents, no concessions and the focus on raising rents at renewal, added responsibilities and less time! This tour focuses on arming you WITH a whole set of proven skills, strategies, resources and more, proven by years of success to help you  lease and renew more apartments. What would you say if we told you that you can learn how to lease more apartments, personally, from one of our industry’s most experienced authorities on leasing? Join Tami Siewruk and be amazed that targeted learning can be so fast, easy, and affordable, or the return on investment for your career and community been so HUGE!

Learn Today’s Apartment Leasing and establish a solid foundation of skills that will have you closing and renewing more leases immediately. Learn how to Turn Rants Into Raves: Turn Your Residents On Before They Turn On YOU! Build trust and exude credibility for stronger and more profitable relationships with your future residents; Learn hundreds of leasing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that are guaranteed to retain today’s consumer’s and work in today’s market conditions; Lease smart and with unmistakable confidence … using more than 137 tools! Celebrate a measurable increase in your renewals and closing ratios; replace frustration with continual inspiration! Master the best practices of leasing and renewing to reach your goals and set the bar higher … far beyond what you previously thought possible; Fall in love with how great it feels to lease confidently and skillfully without incentives and concessions!

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Brainstorming with Tami

Brainstorming with Tami

Brainstorming with Tami is a fully-customized experience that—unlike any other “seminar” experience—encompasses both education AND customized challenge-solving! Your company has never seen, heard or felt anything like it; and it’s guaranteed to rock your team in the direction of success unlike any other educational or motivational seminar you’ve ever booked! Any single idea generated can generate thousands of dollars of revenue or savings for your company, easily repaying the cost of your investment … but you won’t just receive one idea … you’ll receive scores of them at the event and many, many more even after the event is over from your attendees who have been specially trained to spotlight opportunities and create solutions!

Your Event will begin with an in-depth educational experience where participants will come to understand all the very latest and most significant consumer and multihousing industry trends affecting us today, along with the critical opportunities they represent. This portion is also customized based on the goals of your organization.

The next stage will present the Brainstorming process itself, wherein attendees learn a proven challenge-solving methodology that will equip them to continue solving challenges within your company, at all levels, long after our event together is over!

Finally, we’ll use the challenges we’ve analyzed and the process they’ve learned to take on your company’s hottest challenges, and develop workable solutions that aren’t just “great ideas,” but that capitalize as fully as possible on current or emerging consumer or industry opportunities, in order to ensure the best possible success!

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Practical Leasing Strategies, Creative Marketing Ideas and Proven Management Techniques From Across The USA!

Practical Leasing Strategies, Creative Apartment Marketing Ideas and Proven Management Techniques From Across The USA!

Are your apartment marketing, leasing and management inspirations limited to what you can see outside of your own window? There’s a whole world of new ideas out there to experience, filled with the most creative, innovative and even revolutionary techniques.

In this session you will hear and see the most eye-opening coast-to-coast ideas, techniques and strategies happening in our industry! Tami will share only the best leasing, marketing and management techniques that are practical, creative and proven to work!

You’ll learn:

  • Easy-to-implement strategies that you can use to lease apartments in record-breaking numbers!
  • Marketing techniques, tools and ideas so creative and memorable, they’ll outlast their implementation!
  • Management techniques that challenge industry benchmarks for net operating income, and raise renewals and resident satisfaction to an all-time-high!

This session is always a crowd pleaser!

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Beyond Resident Referrals

Beyond Resident Referrals

How to Make Your Community of Residents Your Most Effective Apartment Marketing Partner

How can we encourage our Favorite Residents to become Brand Evangelists? We use traditional Apartment marketing tactics (and some that aren’t even old enough to be “traditional” yet) to send a one-way advertising message to our resident Brand Evangelists who chat us up to their friends. Are we empowering them to communicate a message to potential residents? For example we send them a resident referral message offering to pay them when they refer someone to our community. That’s one–way marketing and there is a chance it will work and a chance that it won’t! BUT most of us have been taking that chance for years! In this session you and your team will learn how to move beyond the traditional resident referral programs and utilize many different techniques and strategies that are available to us today that allow us the ability to tap into the most powerful marketing resource we have. OUR RESIDENTS!

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