Today’s Apartment Marketing Part Eight: How To Maximize Your ILS Listings

Today’s Apartment Marketing Part Eight

How To Maximize Your ILS Listings 

Two Packed Hours

Zoom Interactive Workshop

November 11th, 2021 1:00 pm EST

The Registration fee is $129. per person

A proven stratigy that will help you optimize your ILS lisitng, build a more visible listing, and capture those search leads.

ILSs are not a simple PLACE and FORGET about it marketing strategy

Internet Listing Services (ILSs) have long been a significant part of apartment marketing strategies. Listing sites help ensure apartments show up in Google search results, driving clicks and conversions while freeing up the apartment marketers to focus on other digital marketing strategies.

86% of renters use an ILS platform during their search for a new home, and the average renter will visit four different ILS sites before deciding on where to lease. FOUR! An apartment community can rarely afford FOUR listings and other digital marketing needed to maximize leads and leases.

It’s clear that a renter’s journey is not a linear path or attributed to just one marketing source. How do you maximize your ILS listing? What are the secrets to making your listing stand out? This Zoom workshop will help you get the most out of your listing.

Optimize the return on your ILS lisitng

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We can help you maximize your listing and stand out in the crowd of competitors! In this workshop, we’ll show you how to increase the listing’s presence for your apartment community that optimizes the return on your marketing investment. We have the resources, proven experience, and creativity to help you create a compelling listing for your potential residents so they call or visit. Stay ahead of your competitors.

This workshop will help you improve your listing that will generate more leads or your money back!

You Will Learn:

Internet Listing Services are easy but they have challenges

  • What photos are important and what you need to do before uploading them.
  • How ILS listings helps or hurts the community reputation through reviews, questions and photos.
  • Pricing strategies that work.
  • Perks ILS’s offer that they don’t tell you about.
  • Why you need to audit and update the listing weekly.
  • How to get qualified leads and higher lead conversions.