Today’s Apartment Marketing Part Seven: Beyond Resident Referrals

Today’s Apartment Marketing: Part Seven

Beyond Resident Referrals

Two Hours

Zoom Interactive Workshop

October 28th, 2021 1:00 pm EST

The Registration fee is $129. per person

A proven action plan that will help you generate more leases from your residents.

Make Your Community of Residents Your Most Effective Apartment Marketing Partner

By investing time, effort, and engagement into your community’s resident referral program, you will be able to reap the benefits of one of the lowest cost-per-acquisition marketing methods available to you.

How can we encourage our favorite residents to become Brand Evangelists? We use traditional apartment marketing tactics (and some that aren’t even old enough to be “traditional” yet) to send a one-way advertising message to our resident Brand Evangelists who chat us up to their friends. Are we empowering them to communicate a message to potential residents? For example, we send them a resident referral message offering to pay or reward them when they refer someone to our community. That’s one–way marketing and there is a chance it will work and a chance that it won’t! BUT most of us have been taking that chance for years! In this workshop you will learn how to move beyond the traditional resident referral programs and utilize several different techniques and strategies that are available to us today that allow us the ability to tap into the most powerful marketing resource we have. OUR RESIDENTS!

More leases from residents, and even prospects is the key to one of the lowest cost-per-acquisition marketing methods.

Given the potential of garnering resident referrals, it’s essential to know how to get good word of mouth from your residents. Being able to build a high percentage of leases from residents, and even prospects, through referrals is a desirable characteristic of exceptional apartment professionals. There is an art to asking for referrals – and getting them.


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We can help you take boost your resident referrals! In this zoom workshop, we’ll share the resources, proven strategies, and creativity to help you create a powerful referral system.

This workshop will generate more referrals or your money back!

You Will Learn:

  • When to ask for a resident referral
  • How to build an automated referral program
  • Who to ask for a referral
  • The right — and wrong — way to ask for referrals
  • Providing the right incentives and tools
  • The importance of follow-up and when to make it happen
  • How to get resident referrals
  • Social copy templates to share the referral program
  • Email templates for thanking the referrer