Today’s Apartment Marketing Part Four: Bing and Other Search Engines

Today’s Apartment Marketing Part Four

 Bing and Other Search Engines

Two-Hour Interactive Zoom Workshop

September 9th, 2021 1:00 pm EST

The Registration fee is $129. per person

There are over 72 diiferent directory listings. Which ones work for apartments?

Over-dependency on a single platform listing such as Google My Business can lead to instability and puts your apartment community marketing efforts at risk of losing leads.

Today’s apartment marketers cannot rely on a single source of search engine traffic.
If you haven’t built other lead generation channels through optimized listings, then your apartment community is losing valuable sources of leads outside of Google.

Internet users are becoming savvier of how Google tracks and uses personal data to share with advertisers, meaning that some are opting to use more private alternative search engines.

We are all too quick to think of a search engine as a straight-up equivalent to Google, such as Bing or Yahoo. Still, the reality is that specialty search engines and platforms are also out there, such as YouTube and GIPHY, return specific type of results and therefore leads. Are you listed? Have you maximized your apartment community’s alternative listings? Each listing is uniquely different, and if you haven’t maximized those FREE listings, you could be missing out on other opportunities to drive traffic by ignoring them.

Bing and other listings generate leads that convert!

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We can help you take advantage of Bing and Other search engines! We have the resources, proven experience, and creativity to help you generate those leads and stay ahead of your competitors.

This workshop will help you create and improve a strategy that will generate more leads or your money back!

You Will Learn:

  • Techniques for getting more traffic out of your listings
  • Advanced features that most apartment communities are underestimating
  • Each search engine offers different benefits. Learn the benefits of each channel and how to capitalize on them
  • Use the secrets of “Bang” (Yes, spelled BANG) to capture leads
  • What tools to use from each search engine to complement the rest of your listings
  • Image search on some listings are much more advanced than Google’s
  • Measure and refine with analytics