Today’s Apartment Marketing Part Three: Yelp and Other Review Sites That Generate Leads

Today’s Apartment Marketing Part Three

Yelp and Other Review Sites That Generate Leads

 August 26th, 2021 1:00 pm EST

One-Hour Interactive Zoom Workshop

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Proven techniques that will help you get the most out of review sites for traffic generation.

Review Sites Are For More Than Reviews. They Generate Leads!

Lead generation is much easier on review sites, better and less expensive, all you need is to implement the tips we share with you in this workshop. More traffic will come your way.

Business review sites are an essential part of the customer leasing journey today. Renters make snap decisions about a community simply by reading the reviews — without ever calling your leasing center, setting foot in your community, or visiting your website.

What is your presence like on review sites? Have you found all the locations where residents review your apartments? Does your community have listings on a variety of review sites?

Review Sites Generate Leads

You Will Learn:

  • How to Interpret Review Sites Insights
  • How to Rank Higher in Search Engine Results Using Review Sites
  • 7  Review Sites Apartment Communities Aren’t Using and Why They Should
  • How To Get Free Advertising on Yelp
  • Why Photos on Review Sits Are Important and What You Need to Do Before Uploading Them
  • How Yelp Helps or Hurts The Community Reputation through reviews, Questions and Photos
  • Why You Need to Update Review Sites Listing Frequently
  • Learn More About Your Leads and Targeting

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This workshop will help you create and improve a strategy that will generate more leads or your money back!

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