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Multifamily Marketing Tami SiewrukWhy should you choose Tami Siewruk to speak at your upcoming Association Event?

Tami and her team bring something to the table that no other industry presenter can… 25+ years of experience producing of our industry’s largest and most successful national conferences: Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Sessions. This means that we understand how to support the success of your event like no one else. When you choose Tami as a Presenting Partner in your event, you’ll get these special perks:

  • When you send out news releases to the media Tami Siewruk can be available for media interviews to help promote your event.
  • Offer some of Tami’s products or services as a special door prize or early registration bonus.
  • Place a link on your website or in your email promotions leading to our website so your members can learn more about Tami and what she brings to your event.
  • Reprint Tami’s articles or tips in your newsletter, magazine or on your website as value-added content that will build interest in the event.
  • Ask Tami for mailing list names in your target market and make use of our extensive number of contacts to reach more potential attendees.
  • Ask Tami to call some key management company contacts in advance to prime them for the event and/or have Tami record a voice message that you can broadcast to all your members or prospects pre-event.
  • Ask Tami to design a quiz or survey for your attendees that can be posted on your site. She can discuss the meaning of the results at your event and you can publish findings on your site or in your publication.
  • Call to Brainstorm new ideas for the event with Tami anytime. The crazier the idea the more she likes it!