Thursday Keynote

Keynote Presentation – Thursday, November 15, 2018 | 9:00 am

The Power To Activate: Making A Maximum Impact At Work & In The World

Presented by: Melissa D. White

We all wonder what impact we will make in the world, and it starts in the power to activate. Impact in your work and in the world requires a habit of dropping the pebbles of your gifts to make waves wherever you are. Impact requires owning your voice and the belief that you have the power to activate change that brings about results.

In this keynote, I describe 5 Ways to Activate Your Power to Impact Change and use this power at work and in the world. I then use these activation guidelines to show how once tapping into your activation power, you are positioned to be the answer, at work and in the world.


About Melissa

Melissa D. White, coined “The Activation Specialist™” by clients and audiences, has an undeniable ability to activate a room and has an indelible way of tapping in to bring out the best part of you. She is a highly coveted International Speaker, Sales and Marketing Strategist, Radio Host and Social Entrepreneur. Melissa is a reputable thought leader with 14 years experience in sales and marketing and residential property management, leadership and public speaking. She has worked with and been certified by the Dale Carnegie Leadership Institute and holds a bachelors and maste3rs degree in Business  Management. She has also published various articles on such topics in numerous trade publications and delivered guest lectures at the University of Georgia, Georgia Piedmont College and Drexel University. As “The Activation Specialist™”, she is the host of the “Activation Hour” Radio Show hosted on 108 Praise Radio with the mission to bring ministry to the market place while activating the masses. She is also the Founder & Lead Coach and Consultant for The Activation Hour, LLC. Melissa also activates the voices of youth and enacts social change as the Founder of Writing Our Wrongs, Inc., a nonprofit 501c3. She has a heart for seeing people and businesses excel to their maximum level as she trains and activates others beyond potential into fulfilling purpose.