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MultifamilyPRO Strategic Marketing

Successful marketing is never a one-size-fits-all proposition.  Success requires a strategy that begins while a project is still in the concept phase and–when done well–translates seamlessly into years of successful, ongoing resident retention.  Lean on our decades of successful, apartment-specific marketing expertise to uncover and truly understand your prospects’ unique needs and wants and plot a course that will yield happy, renewing residents for the life of your community.  Our MultifamilyPRO Strategic Marketing services include:

  • Defining and designing your own success-optimized Marketing, Market-Profile, and Public Relations Strategy (including social, traditional, and emerging advertising and communications channels)
  • Determining Your Most Productive and Profitable Marketing Budget
  • Building a solid and coordinated Sales, Training, and Customer Relationship Management Plan to Support Your Strategic Marketing Continuum
  • SEO and Website Design and Management


MultifamilyPRO Management and Operational Support

The bottom line is that it’s all about your bottom line.  No matter how well designed and built, a project is only as profitable as it is well-managed and operated.  We understand that every community is unique–that new construction management, for instance, differs greatly from an older asset, that stabilization is not enough to ensure ongoing, competitive success, and that profitability is key in every case. Let our MultifamilyPRO Management and Operations team turn their depth of experience with communities of all shapes and sizes toward the profitability of your project, including:

  • Sales and rental strategies are designed to yield fast profit flow, maximize rent and create sustainable value.
  • Strategic and purposeful hiring, training, and compensation planning and execution
  • Turnover and lease or vacation rental management
  • Designing a customer service experience that will drive and grow profitability from ground breaking through the life of your asset.


MultifamilyPRO Real Estate Development Consulting

We know what we know from a combined century-plus of real estate development-specific experience and expertise spanning three countries and 41 states: that markets are dynamic things. They’re segmented into sub-markets and vary enormously by demographics, level and kinds of competition, and people preferences. From physical things like unit mix, finishes, architectural design elements, parking arrangements, and amenities to intangibles like ambiance and aesthetic feel. Regardless of how good the pro forma for a project might look, your real estate assets success and profitability depend on not only meeting–but exceeding your market’s incredibly unique wants, needs, and desires; and all at a rental rate-to-value ratio that prospects can understand and afford. To say that design is a tricky business is a vast understatement, which is why we invite you to place your project in our experienced consulting hands for MultifamilyPRO  Consulting & Marketing Services. We work with your team of architects, engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers with the focus of increasing the assets value through:

  •  Exterior and interior design from concept to reality
  • Unit and Use Mix optimization
  • Floor planning
  • Unit and common area flow and functionality
  • Ongoing Process, Productivity, and Product (P3®) Audits at key stages of the project term
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Developing a Marketing Strategy
  • The Marketing and Leasing Budget
  • Public Relations Advertising
  • Operations and Management
  • Hiring and Training of Staff
  • Turnover

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