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One of our primary goals at Multifamilypro is to make useful and impactful information widely available to multifamily professionals. We strongly support the sharing of the information that we provide, especially among property management professionals. If you would like to reprint material from this section of our website, permission is not needed (with the exception of the material in the newsletter section). In exchange, we ask that you always include or retain our company name and telephone number — Multifamilypro, 727-940-5211 — on each piece of material that you reprint, republish or share. Permission to repost to any website whether it be internal or external is required. When possible, we would appreciate being informed that our work is being put to use, so please send us a copy of the tools and forms that have been republished. If you would like to reprint or share material from Multifamilypro in a book, newsletter, electronic, or any other format for which you will receive any payment, permission is required, and should be requested in writing to Multifamilypro.