Reduce Vacancy Loss: Step Up Your Move-In Dates
“You have 24  Notice to vacates for the month ending. How do you rent the apartments quickly and get the new resident to move in as soon as possible? I was faced with this situation several years ago when I had just begun as the new Manager of a community and knew that something must be done to get occupancy back up to the level that the community had enjoyed in the past.” Read More

Keep It Real, Keep The Faith, Keep The Resident
“Ours is a business of cycles; and believe it or not, the time is going to come again to raise the rent. In case you’ve forgotten what that’s like, let me remind you that just like every great relationship, the one between you and your residents requires a carefully maintained balance of give and take. When they signed the lease…” Read More

Growing Tomatoes Increases Traffic
“Grow your own tomatoes! We used this as a tag line on all our ads, then showed prospects the two community gardens we had prepared for our residents to grow their own tomatoes. It was a big hit! People called to have a look at the community and several said: any landlord that would care enough to have a garden for their residents would care enough about me as a resident.” Read More

Going Mobile
“Let’s face it, the world runs on lattes and 5-hour energy these days. People constantly en route from one destination to another, and during these transits they are going … mobile. What once was a sedentary task, web browsing has evolved: users are accessing the internet via phones and mobile devices from the convenience of wherever they happen to be.” Read More

Green Is Lean
“Global warming, oil spills and other environment disasters seem to be on everyone’s mind. Business magazines write about “green” businesses. Movie stars drive hybrid cars to look “green”. But most companies overlook the single biggest opportunity they have to go green by simplifying, streamlining and optimizing their internal operations.” Read More

Go For The Dogs
“This simple idea becomes a habit when you have a pet friendly community. Take a small Ziploc bag full of treats in your pocket when you make community inspections. I keep a large container with dog biscuits in my office. I walk around the grounds and stop to visit with the residents and their dog(s) get a treat!” Read More

Six Truths About Marketing With Social Media
“Yeah, I know you’ve heard it all … that Social Media Marketing slices and dices, is the answer to world peace, and will make your teeth up to three shades whiter with only one use. But from the sea of hype that we’ve been sailing-filled with assertions about what social media is and isn’t and what it can and can’t do-are beginning to arise some proven truths.” Read More

Brainstorming Keynote: People Are the Killer App with Geno Church
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