Hotjar is one of the leading “heatmap analytics” solutions (others include Clicktale and Crazy Egg). Heatmaps are visual representations of how visitors interact with your site and help you understand what visitors are looking for, what they care about, and how well your site meets their expectations. Many marketers find this visual approach to website analytics is more intuitive and easier to understand than the complex charts and graphs reported by the more conventional website analytics tools.

Evolving beyond simply presenting heatmaps, Hotjar now includes a wide range of analytical tools, including individual visitor session recordings (allowing you to watch everything a visitor did while using your site, including mouse clicks/movements, page scrolling, and much more), tracking conversion funnels, and form performance analysis. Hotjar also includes easy-to-use tools to proactively solicit feedback from your site visitors via feedback forms, polls, and surveys.

Hotjar offers a free basic offering, with paid plans starting at $29/month for sites logging up to 10,000 daily pageviews. To get started, click here.