Water trucks roll in and out of our apartment community entrances daily. No fewer than 15 different companies deliver bottled water to various residents. At times, we have traded referrals for free bottled water in our offices. However, we have never really benefited from a concerted shared marketing effort… until this month! There is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold glass of water when it’s over 100 degrees outside! However, I get tired of paying the horrendous bill every month for all the bottled water consumed by guests, residents, employees, landscapers, and vendors who stop into our offices for a drink. I want everyone to enjoy the water, but my owners have never approved the cost of bottled water in the budget. This month I decided to call the shots. I contacted the various water companies and found one that was willing to work out a deal that would benefit all parties… the residents, the management office, and the water company. As a result, only one bottled-water company has received our endorsement at all of our properties. This company now offers bottled water at a substantially reduced price to our residents. We provide them free advertising in our newsletter and distribute their fliers in our resident mailings. The company provides free samples and literature to be left in the apartment for new residents at the time they move in. We also include an order form in our move-in packets. Each office now has a new cooler with an unlimited supply of bottled natural spring water—provided compliments of the water company. According to the volume of referral business, our staff will also receive a commission! I no longer have to pay huge water bills. The residents get bottled water at prices much lower than they ever could before. Everyone who comes through the apartment community  offices gets ice-cold water. And one happy vendor is getting all the bottled water business from all the residents at each of our properties. Everybody wins!If you want you can try out the and see how it works.

Contributed Chad W. Brown, Vice President, Florsheim Properties