By John Helm MyNewPlace CEO
This White paper contains an in-depth analysis on how leading owners and managers are now analyzing their spending to make better advertising decisions, the white paper outlines five basic steps owners/managers can take to evaluate which lead sources are the most cost-effective.
“The typical apartment community spends $50,000 annually advertising their vacant units,” said Helm. “However, many advertising decisions are made without clear data on how effective their current advertising sources are, or how to measure sources they are testing. The multifamily industry can change this by using principles of direct marketing to assess which advertising methods provide the best value.”
Industry marketing professionals spend significant time trying to understand the efficiency of their marketing expenditures. The basic steps outlined in this paper can help them identify up to 30% of their advertising spend that is not cost-effective. That money can be reallocated to more efficient advertising sources, resulting in more leads or leases for the same budget. “Anyone can use the methods outlined in this white paper to maximize their dollars.” commented Darcey Forbes, Director of Marketing for Essex Property Trust. “Essex has implemented many of the practices discussed in the paper and has seen great results.”

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