Because you are part of the package for which residents and prospective residents will be asked to pay more rent, it’s important to refine your own image and skills to the fullest extent possible; and corporate training will only take you so far. It’s helpful to engage in occasional self-assessment to fine-tune the image and abilities you project as a leasing professional , and here are a few questions that will help:

  • When I greet residents and prospective residents, do I show enthusiasm and interest? What standard greeting can I use for new residents and prospective residents and what can I say and do to welcome them?
  • When I communicate with residents and prospective residents, do I remember to think before I speak to ensure that I choose the right words? What internal cues can I use to always present myself professionally as an active listener?
  • What nonverbal messages am I sending (appearance and typical body language)?
  • How is my grammar? What are my “bad habit” words, and what can I do to stop using them?
  • Do I ask a combination of open-ended and closed questions to make certain I understand my residents and prospective residents? In the typical situations where I stumble, what can I do to correct myself?
  • How effective and efficient am I in helping residents and prospective residents? What technical skills do I need to learn? Do I always remember to show and tell and ask questions to make sure the customer finds the best solution? If not, what internal cues can I teach myself to do better?
  • Do I make sure all my residents and prospective residents are satisfied, whether or not they do business with us? How can I improve in this area?
  • What about my performance, in general, needs improvement; and what can I do to improve?

What am I good at that I could be even better at to the extent that it really “wows” residents and prospective residents?