Here’s an excellent way to recruit associates. I did this to get potential leasing candidates, but it could be used for any position. It was a huge success!

One of the issues we determined needed immediate attention was
recruiting. My suggestion was to host a FREE SEMINAR on what it takes to be a leasing consultant. We decided to try the idea and target individuals in the retail and restaurant markets, because as a leasing person they would have better hours…. no more night shifts and better benefits and perks.

To prepare, we secured the use of a training room for a two-hour session. We placed an ad in the restaurant section of the newspaper on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was also placed in the retail section on Sunday. Seating was limited to 30 participants.

We created handouts using the Leasing Consultant Job Description Welcome Page. Candidates were paired up and used the sheet to gather information, so they could stand and introduce each other. (A great way to identify outgoing personalities!) We also distributed our Human Resource brochure, pens with the company job line number and email address, and blank job applications

We had attendees sign in with their names, phone numbers, and current job industries.

WOW!! What a success! We had over 40 people call and sign up. Twenty actually showed up. Out of the 20, 19…. yes 19, are good candidates! Eleven stayed and filled out an application. The Regional manager set up interviews for the next day.

We have even had several candidates stop by the area office to fill out an application because they could not make it to the seminar. A few have called and asked when will we offer the seminar again!

The following is a breakdown of where these candidates are from:

4 – no current job

2 – retired

1 – student

2 – convenient store

2 – restaurant

1 – federal government housing

1 – medical records clerk

1 – telemarketing

1 – retail

1 – receptionist jewelry shop

1 – real estate paralegal

1 – payroll/benefits

1 – field interviewer

1 – clerical

Contributed by Donna Olson,  when she was the SW Regional Education Director, Equity