The First Internet TV Network Exclusively for Multifamily Professionals

Multifamilypro announces a revolutionary new way for Multifamily Professionals to receive the information and insight they need to become more effective and successful in all of the major disciplines of our business including: Finance, development, leasing, marketing, management, operations, service, training, technology, and human resources, at every organizational level. The station is based online at MultifamilyproTV is a combination of both sponsor-supported free programming and pay-per-view training opportunities, all of which can be viewed from the convenience of a computer screen or smart phone.  The lineup of Multifamily-specific programming includes shows devoted to industry news, market conditions, trends, technology (including new media), and much more, in formats ranging from fast-paced talk show to in-depth, instructional-style delivery; and show hosts include some of the most experienced and insightful “stars” in the business with the likes of, Toni Blake (, Jackie Ramstedt (, Charity Hisle ( Dawn Ford (, Lori Snider (, Anne Sadovsky ( ,Doug Miller ( Doug Chasick ,Cathy Macaione ; Multifamilypro’s own Tami Siewruk and many more are in production. “This is needed in the industry right now, and has been for the longest time; the technology is finally here to give every single multifamily professional out there access to invaluable training and ongoing education, not to mention constant, late-breaking information and insight about what’s going on in the whole industry. The fact that they can get this kind of information and access to the world of their chosen profession so far beyond the boundaries of their own company or community—at little to no cost—is astounding. We are offering an opportunity for everyone in the industry to learn from and share with people they may never come in contact with otherwise. Making MProTV happen is a highlight in my career that’s going to be tough to surpass,” says Tami Siewruk. “The programming is a huge value to budgeting companies and communities that can have an unlimited number of viewers watching at a single site and give their teams the benefit of learning from experts they might not have been able to otherwise afford, without the need for travel or exclusively booking a speaker. The implications are enormous.” Founded in 1989, Multifamilypro is an industry leader in providing Apartment Professionals with tools, resources, and knowledge to improve productivity and profitability. The company offers a wide range of information, products, and services designed to empower and educate Apartment Professionals through its websites at,, and the acclaimed Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions, Executive Brainstorming Sessions, Brainstorming Tour for Onsite Professionals, and the forthcoming Principal’s Sessions. MproTV, The Brainstorming Sessions, and Executive Brainstorming Sessions are trademarks of Multifamilypro in the United States and/or other countries. For more information, press only: Tami L. Siewruk, 727-784-9469,