There are a number of good reasons for establishing consistent, company-wide standards for stocking and organizing maintenance shops. It promotes efficiency by making it fast and easy for the service team  to find tools and supplies. It ensures that all routine maintenance service requests can be completed when scheduled, without having to order and wait for parts or materials. And it makes it less likely that supplies will be lost or go missing, because their absence will be more easily noticed. When developing standards for your maintenance shops, you may want to include the following.

  • Lock policy. Generally, you should require all shops to be locked when not in use. The shop should never be left open when maintenance personnel are out.
  • Critical information. Maintenance personnel need to be able to consistently and rapidly access certain information. You may want to require all shops to have a bulletin board with the following posted.
  1. Plat of water cut-off
  2. Plat of plumbing cut-off
  3. Plat of electrical cut-off
  4. Sewage clean out
  5. Preventive maintenance schedule
  6. Shop rules
  7. Plat of gas cut-off
  •  Safety precautions. Each shop should have some sort of patio pavers and a functioning fire extinguisher and smoke alarm. You may also want to stock a first-aid kit.
  • Policies for storing stock. All stock purchased should be stored as quickly as possible. Supplies should never be left sitting around. Storage shelves should be erected and bin boxes used whenever possible. Each bin box or item should be labeled with item name, catalog number and reorder point.
  • Labeling and color-coding conventions for shelves and/or bins. You may want to sort materials by their uses. For example: Plumbing – red; Appliances – green; Electrical – yellow; Punch-out – orange; Tools storage – brown; HVAC – blue; Flooring – gray.
    • Minimum inventory. To ensure continual readiness, you should establish a detailed inventory that must maintained at all times. An example of such an inventory is found below.


Example: Minimum 30-Day Inventory for 250 Apartments 5 years old



MINIMUM          ITEM                             INVENTORY       CALCULATED 30 DAY    REORDER

UNIT                 DESCRIPTION               UNIT                 UNITS REQUIRED          POINT

2 ea.                Reset Buttons

4 ea.                Heat Elements

2 ea.                Upper Thermostats

2 ea.                Lower Thermostats

3 ea.                Popoff Valves




2 ea.                Thermocouples or Pilot Generators

1 ea.                Gas Thermostat Control

3 ea.                Pop off Valves

4 ea.                Flexible Gas Line Connector




12 ea.              Fuse Links

12 ea.              Limit Switches

6 ea.                Heat Elements (of each size)

4 ea.                Heat Sequencers or Heat Relays

4 ea.                Fan Relays

4 ea.                Transformers

4 ea.                Blower Motors

2 ea.                Fan Capacitors

4 ea.                Thermostats

4 ea.                Sub-base for Thermostats




2 ea.                Gas Valves

4 ea.                Fan Limit Switches

4 ea.                Fan Control Centers

4 ea.                Blower Motors

2 ea.                Fan Capacitors

4 ea.                Thermostats

6 ea.                Thermo couples or Pilot Generators




1 ea.                Compressor (of each size) (Over 5 Years)

2 ea.                Condensor Fan Motors

2 ea.                Fan Blades

2 ea.                Run Capacitors

2 ea.                Fan Capacitors

3 ea.                Contactors

2 ea.                Liquid Line Dryers

2 ea.                Suction Line Dryers

60 lbs.              R-22

1lb.                  Hand Start

10’ x 3/8 Copper Tubing, 6-3/8” Couplings

10’ x ¼ Copper Tubing, 6-1/4” Couplings

10’ x 5/8” Copper Tubing, 6-5/8” Couplings



2 ea.                Termination Switches

2 ea.                Defrost Heaters

2 ea.                Defrost Timers

2 ea.                Thermostats

2 ea.                Evaporator Fan Motors & Fan Blades

2 ea.                Door Gaskets

1 ea.                Compressor (over 5 years old)

2 ea.                Liquid Line Dryers

2 ea.                Suction Line Dryers

6 ea.                Bulbs

30 lbs.              R-12

2 ea.                Light Switches (door)

2 ea.                Mullion Heaters

1                      Butane 4 oz. Red Leak Detector

1                      Butane 8 oz. Bubble Leak  Detector

1                      Butane 1 gt. Vacuum Pump oil




8 ea.                Surface Units (3 Large, 3 Small)

8 ea.                Surface Units Switches

3 ea.                Oven Thermostats

3 ea.                Fuse Stats (if self cleaning 1 Door Switch & 1 Door Solenoid)

1 ea.                Transformer

3 ea.                Light Switches

4 ea.                Bake Elements

4 ea.                Broil Elements

4 ea.                Door Gaskets

6 ea.                Chrome Plated

Drip Pans

6 ea.                Seamless Adapter Ring

2 ea.                Print Boards

2 ea.                Rheostat


2 ea.                Vent A Hood Fans

2 ea.                Metal Grille for Fans

Utility Motors- For Kitchen Vents, Range Hoods, Etc.

If Equipped with Clock, 1-clock

2 ea.                Hot Wire Relays

2 ea.                Oven Sensors

2 ea.                Oven Cooling Fans

2 ea.                Electric Range Oven Controls Uni-kits




2 ea.                Gas Oven Thermostats

2 ea.                Pilot Generators

2 ea.                Oven Controls

2 ea.                Oven Door Gaskets

4 ea.                Flexible Gas Line Connectors




3 ea.                Door Switches

3 ea.                Timers

2 ea.                Soap Containers

3 ea.                Heat Elements

3 ea.                Water Level Switches

3 ea.                Water Fill Valves

2 ea.                Motors

2 ea.                Bi-Metal Strips

2 ea.                Motor Solenoids

3 ea.                Door Gaskets

12                    Extra Wheels for Baskets

3 ea.                Impellers-If Reversible Motors

1 ea.                Swing Arm




3 ea.                Wax Seals

6 ea.                Flapper Stoppers (toilet)


1                      Can of Plumbers Butty & stems

1                      Set of handles for tubs & stems

1                      Set of handles for kitchen sinks & stems

4 ea.                Ball Cock Assemblies (or repair kits)

2 ea.                Shower heads and High-pressure shower heads

1                       Roll soft solder

1                      Can of Flux- Blue Flux for general use

1                      Roll of Sandpaper

1                      Roll of Siphon

3 ea.                Tub Stoppers

3 ea.                Sink stoppers- Kitchen & Bath

1                              Commode



4 ea.                Breakers/A/C

4 ea.                Breakers- Electric Range

4 ea.                Breakers- Electric Heat

6 ea.                Breakers- Single Pole for Lighting

8 ea.                Single Pole Switches for Lighting

4 ea.                Three-way Switches

6 ea.                Receptacles

12 ea.              Switch Covers (6 single, 6 double)

12 ea.              Receptacle Covers

2 ea.                Dining Room Light Fixtures



1                      Case of Light Bulbs

25                    Door Stops

1                      Case of Caulk

50                    Key Blanks

2 ea.                Bedroom Locks

6 ea.                Passage Locks

2 ea.                Deadbolts or Exterior Locks

2 ea.                Doorbells or Knockers

2 ea.                Peepholes

6 ea.                Window Glass (of each Size)

2                     Cases of Filters

2 ea.                Light Fixtures (1 Kitchen, 1 Regular)

1                      Case of Commode Seats

6 Ft.                 Threshold Weather-strip

Porcelain Touch-up Paint

2 ea.                Shower Rods

6 ea.                Paper Holders

2 ea.                Drapery Rods

6 ea.                Towel Bars

1 ea.                Vent-o-hood Motors 3 Switches

1 ea.                Bath Fan Motor

1 ea.                Re keying Kit





1 ea.                Disposer

1 ea.                Water Heater

1 ea.                Roll of Duct Tape

4 ea.                Dead Bolt Blank Out Plates

Assorted Screen

2 ea.                Standard Patio Screen Doors

Assorted Solderless Term.

1 ea.                Roll #12 Gauge Wire




Assortment of Wood Screws with the help of Wood Pursuits

Assortment of Bolts, Washers, and Nuts

Assortment of Toggle Bolts

Sheet Rock Patch

Assorted Wire Nuts (Plastic)

Assortment of nails 1 lb.

Concrete Nails 1 lb.

Sheetrock Nails 1 lb.

Sheetrock Sandpaper