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Multifamilypro Tami Siewruk sounds off on Apartment Marketing, Leasing and Management

In the very near future, marketing is going to have to focus more on the whole apartment living experience. It used to be that marketing sat on the periphery of an organization — the apartments were built, and plans were made, and then marketing was told: “OK, now go market it.” But marketing becomes central to the whole process because they have the pulse of the residents at their fingertips. If you make a great product and focus on the whole experience, everything takes care of itself, in my mind. You get positive reviews, and you don’t have pricing pressure, you can ensure that you are not commoditized. I see so many apartment development companies out there where marketing is the last thought. I see decisions being made that are based on the experience of developers from five or even two years ago. You have to see the future and understand clear what is coming. I just saw a developer listen to advise of someone from two years ago and the mistake was a big one, it dates the apartment community before it even opens. Marketing teams should be involved in the entire development/rehab/management process. Every  decision should  to be looked at from a resident experience, leasing, marketing view point.