Apartment Marketing with Resident Referrals

Monitoring Resident Conversations

Like the apartment industry mantra about location, now it’s all about “data, data, data.” If you’re not tracking who’s having conversations about your apartment communities and whether those conversations are resulting in new leases, then you’re missing some of that data. Just think for a minute about the value you’d get from real insight into the impact of resident referrals on your community.

How many current residents and past residents are talking about your community creating resident referrals?

What channels are your residents talking on?

What channels bring in the highest conversion rates?

How many referrals are residents making just by having a quick conversation?

What impact do residents have on the number of new leases you are receiving?

Do you know WHO your influential residents really are?

“Going into 2013 social media will impact sales more than any other metric because of the continued integration as a marketing platform and the acceptance of users to be marketed to. In 2011, almost 70% of users said that no social media platform influenced their buying decision, and in 2012 that was cut in half to 35%.” @jpretz Online Marketing Director for Wixon Jewelers

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