The 2018 Multifamily Brainstorming Process

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Brainstorming process for each session.

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Vote for the best ideas!

We show the results directly on screen to all attendees with a bar chart. And then we move on to developing the ideas that were voted the most useful



Compare contributions!

We then show the results according to several criteria with the bubble chart on the screen.



Share the results!

We send a report to all attendees in a .pdf or a .docx and you can then interpret your data with a .xls No more looking online, you have the files to use as you like.


To participate in this year’s Brainstorming Sessions  it is a requirement that you bring your laptop or other connected tool to participate. Why? I spent the two  years studying the brainstorming process to develop a system that educates and produces new ideas and useful opinions.  We refined the event in 2017 and are able to guarantee that every single person attending regardless of their position would walk away with new, fresh and powerful ideas and solutions to our industry’s toughest challenges.

Every Attendee will join the event with bold and collaborative activities for each session.

Note don’t let this tech speak scare you: Laptops, net books or chrome books in use today meet the technical requirements of this event if they run a Flash enabled browser.

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Early Registration Fee $549. per person when paid by April 30, 2018

After April 30, 2018 Registration Fee is $769. per person

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