Marketing a “Green Community” or want to show your community supports the “Green Trend”? Try these simple ideas to involve your community.

  1. Plant a garden or tree where the whole neighborhood can enjoy it.
  2. Set up a recycling system for your community and or participate in your neighborhood recycling programs. Have your contacted your local waste management company to learn about their special offerings at various times of the year?
  3. Organize a car pooling campaign in your neighborhood to cut down on air pollution.
  4. Set up a seed or a plant exchange in your neighborhood.
  5. Grow fresh flowers and deliver them to resident to brighten their day.
  6. Pick up a trail during National Trail Day in June. Great exercise and a fabulous community involvement program.
  7. Make bird feeders for public places.
  8. Collect Old phone books in your neighborhood for recycling.
  9. Adopt an acre of a park or a mile of roadside to keep clean.
  10. Start a community “energy watchdog” to encourage your residents to shut off lights, radios, and TV’s when not in use.
  11. Help everyone in your community conserve water by offering tips and seminars.
  12. Clean up trash along a river or in a park.
  13. Create a habitat for wildlife within your neighborhood.
  14. Create a campaign to encourage biking and walking.
  15. Test the health of the water in your local lakes, rivers or streams, you can use health information technology for that.
  16. Residents have places to be? Help them burn some energy on your bike check out program instead of taking their cars.
  17. Participate in the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program.
  18. Start a butterfly garden in your neighborhood, at a community center, senior home or school.
  19. Sponsor an environmental slogan contest in area school.
  20. Build a bluebird trail.
  21. Collect aluminum cans in your neighborhood and donate the money to a favorite charity.
  22. Get together with residents and make conservation posters for the community center.
  23. Encourage your residents to buy products made from recycled materials.
  24. Conduct an energy audit within your community.
  25. Monitor the indoor air quality of your office/clubhouse.
  26. Adopt an acre of rainforest and create an entire marketing plan around it.
  27. Plant a commemorative tree to honor the resident of the month.
  28. Create a children’s nature garden, labeling plants and trees and scheduling guided tours.
  29. Replace trees that have died.
  30. Hold a household toxic waste collection program for your residents and take to a proper disposal facility.
  31. Adopt highways and clean up clutter.
  32. Volunteer to separate recyclables.
  33. Organize a hazardous waste collection.
  34. Start a recycling center at  an area school.
  35. Host a recycling fair.
  36. Hold an invention contest with entries made out of recycled goods.
  37. If you see a tree that’s in trouble, try to save it. Pamper it, water it, or don’t water it as the case may be. Find out what’s wrong with it and how to make it better.
  38. Encourage your community children to use a lunch box instead of throwaway bags and have them imprinted with your community name.
  39. Practice the 3 R’s in your community: Reduce, recycle, reuse.
  40. Adopt a park with your residents and keep it clean.
  41. Encourage your residents to take the best laptop backpacks.
  42. Clean up a beach or riverbed.
  43. Start a compost pile and encourage your residents to use it!
  44. Ask the schools in your area to use recycled paper.
  45. Start an Community Environmental Club.
  46. Hold a recycling contest.
  47. Clear a new trail at a nature center or park.

Do you have a tip or idea to share?