Brainstorming Sessions

If you’re a Brainstorming sessions veteran, then you already know that one of the things that makes our event amazing is its ability to evolve to best meet the needs of our industry. If you’re not, you couldn’t have chosen a better time to discover an experience that is guaranteed to change your career because this year’s MultifamilyPro’s Brainstorming Sessions are both evolutionary and revolutionary. After more than a year of in-depth research, we’ve retooled key elements of our unique Brainstorming process:

Three Things Better Than We’ve Ever Done Before

1. Identify, via our own, specially-facilitated process analysis, the toughest challenges standing between you and your loftiest leasing, marketing, management, operational, training, development, and revenue-building goals and more. Zero in on solving them with laser-focused precision!

2. Channel the massive power of our collective, solution-generating experience and expertise to refine the vast quantity of already-workable ideas we’ll generate even further, into revolutionary-quality solutions.

3. Make the absolute best use of your valuable time! Place firmly within your grasp—in only three days—insights, ideas, and ready-to-implement solutions that you and your entire team would be unable to achieve in entire months, if not years.

Brainstorming sessions are founded on one simple ideal: two heads are better than one, then three-hundred and fifty heads can light up our industry. With the kinds of solutions that literally change our world! Together, Brainstormers have reconnected each year to do exactly that time and time again. Together, our connected and collective brain power has conceived amazing products, refined processes, developed plans and programs for every discipline within the scope of our business. This as well as so much more, implemented by thousands of companies and communities with tremendous success. This is the kind of success that creates superstars and keeps them reconnecting with us, year-after-year, for more of the massive money-makers that are consistently and continuously fueling their careers.


Find out why the leading minds of our industry consider this few days every year their best-kept secret. The experience that has done the absolute most to shape their thinking, build their working knowledge and access to resources. As well as open their eyes to a previously unimaginable world of connections and possibilities. Get in on the secret that’s created powerful lifelong connections. Brought about dramatic advancements in the way our industry works; and helped spur the stellar careers of some of the apartment world’s leading legends.


Brainstorming has always been open to anyone who chose to attend, however this year is different. To ensure that our refined process yields only the most powerful results:

* This year only Multifamily Professionals are going to be able to enroll in the General Sessions; and

*  Only 30 C-Suite-Level Leaders will be able to enroll into our Executive Sessions.

REGISTER NOW and experience Brainstorming better than it’s ever been before!