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Mobile First

With so many different devices in circulation, it’s essential for your website to be ready for anything. Ensuring that templates are optimized across laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles is non-negotiable when striving for success online – mobile-friendly webpages rank higher on search results than those without this optimization! For the best user experience possible create a site with OUR Sites or similar builders which automatically optimizes designs no matter the device being used; you don’t want visitors struggling through microscopic fonts and needing to pinch & zoom just to get around your page.


Your website’s navigation has two major functions: to give your visitors an easy way of finding what they need and to increase the visibility of your site in search engine rankings. To make navigating around easier, use language that appeals directly to users instead of generic phrases like “What We Do” as this will reduce clicks but still show relevance on search engines. Remember, optimizing for viewers comes first!

Proper Use of Attractive Calls To Action

Colors are influential tools in creating effective call-to-action buttons that drive your website visitors to take action. Color psychology reveals the emotions associated with each hue, so be sure to choose a color combination that evokes feelings of trust and expertise while enticing users towards engaging on your site. Don’t forget about wording either! Action words can create psychological triggers as they prompt customers into making decisions – every aspect from its design down to the end CTA button oozes urgency and encourages engagement all throughout their page!

Use Images (wisely)

Connecting with audiences online is becoming increasingly difficult, making it ever more critical for businesses to make a positive first impression. A barrage of generic stock photos are often the go-to choice, but they fail to capture your unique brand identity and can ultimately do more harm than good by eroding visitor trust. Invest in quality custom photography that illustrates who you are as a company so digital visitors see what sets you apart from competition right away!

Consistent Website Pages

Achieving an aesthetically pleasing, uniform design on your website doesn’t just attract visitors—it helps them explore your site. Keeping a consistent theme throughout transitions by using similar elements like font choices and illustration styles ensures that guests feel guided through the content of your page. Consistency builds trust with users and elevates brand recognition – giving people the opportunity to form lasting connections with you!

Optimized Webpages

Frustrated visitors can quickly become lost causes, but you don’t have to stand idly by as your page speed drags them away. By compressing the images on your website and minimizing large file sizes, you can make sure that users enjoy a seamless experience – no matter what platform they’re accessing from! Don’t let slow-loading pages get in the way of providing engaging content; optimize with image compression so everyone’s happy.

Search Engine Optimization

With countless websites on the Internet, there is no shortage of competition for a spot at the top. To ensure your site stands out and attracts more viewers you need to optimize it for search engine visibility with relevant keywords tailored to regional audiences. Remember that effective implementation goes beyond just using these terms in content; they should also be used strategically in metadata, captions, media tags and file names!

Analytics Tools

Once you’ve given your website a boost, tracking its progress is the next step on the journey. Analytical tools like traffic stats will help to paint an accurate picture of where changes or improvements can be made – which pages are most successful and whether certain aspects need a facelift. A/B testing determines what works best; fortunately many site builders come with built-in analytics but Google Analytics stands out as one of the easiest resources for beginners looking to take their web presence up a gear!

Value Proposition

Through our About page, [our company] bridges a connection between [our audience] and the information they need. We provide this knowledge with one purpose in mind: to bring them an invaluable benefit that will enhance their lives. Joe Pulizzi from Content Marketing Institute speaks of just such mission statements when he says “[our company] is where [our audience] gets [what information], offering them what benefit.”

Testimonial Page

Showcasing customer success stories is an excellent way to boost your credibility and build trust with clients. When visitors land on a page featuring positive testimony, they will get insight into the quality of services you provide – but why limit yourself to one testimonial page? Incorporate user reviews throughout your website by adding video testimonies and case studies onto product pages as well – this can make all the difference between gaining a new lead or missing out!

Contact Forms with Thank You Pages

Want your website signup forms to be successful? Make sure they emphasize prominence, proof and promise – so potential users understand exactly what they’re signing up for. Then take things one step further: build a thank you page with an additional CTA button that encourages further engagement from already interested visitors rather than relying on clickbait tactics which could hurt your SEO in the long run.

Social Media Links and Integration

Tap into the power of social media to skyrocket your online business. Strategically linking between accounts and website can give you a boost in search engine ranking, as Google will automatically recognize these links when set up properly. Get on board with some popular platforms such as Twitter or Instagram so that you are able to post content from one place then blast it out across multiple channels for maximum reach!