We have found that communities across the country have the idea that rent increases in $ 50 and $70 increments are effective because they are  easily  to remember, and the accounting team will have an easier time with those numbers. Unfortunately, rent increases like our rental rates, cause an adverse reaction when they are in even amounts. Residents interpret a $45.00 rent increase as example of the community making money. At the same time, an increase of $46 is often perceived as an amount to answer a specific need, to cover increased operating costs of the same amount. Round ($50.00, $60.00, $70.00) are associated with the community wanting more money at the resident’s expense. Odd numbers, both in the amount of the increase and the actual rental rate amount, will suggest a closely calculated operating budget. So use $27 instead of $25.00, $41 instead of $40.00, and so on.