By Tami Siewruk

Apartment Fitness center TennisThink about what residents in your apartment community really, really want.

Although their needs are numerous and complex, most of them ultimately center on personal issues like success, dignity,respect, individual achievement, and knowledge.

If you can build your resident service enhancements around these seven key issues, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with the resident.

  1. Residents want to be treated with dignity and respect. Do you have rules and methods in place right now that are condescending to residents?
  2. Residents want to be successful. How do your residents feel after dealing with you?
  3. Residents want help with their problems. Do you and your staff suggest alternatives, bend the rules to help, and steer residents away from further trouble?
  4. Residents want to be treated as individuals with unique needs. How do you motivate your staff to be genuinely interested in each and every resident?
  5. Residents want you to respect their time. How quickly do you respond–not only to complaints, but to any communication from your residents?
  6. Residents want someone who’s on their side. Do your residents feel like adversaries or friends?
  7. Residents want your community and services to meet their expectations. Are you creating realistic expectations, or are you over-promising and under-delivering?

When you carve away the extraneous information and technical data, residents basically want to know what your community and services will do for them,either directly or indirectly.

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