Contributed by Kathy Landry

I would like to share a couple of events our property hosts annually to involve our residents during the Christmas season.

Right after Thanskgiving each year, we start promoting our “Door Decorating Contest.”  This contest has seven different categories to challenge the residents.  We give money prizes from $25 to $100, as some categories ahve 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Judges vary from one year to the next, so it is possible to use the same decorations year after year.  We really encourage creative handmade decorating and it is amazing the beautiful, original, various ideas our residents have!  As a person that looks forward to Christmas all year, it is especially pleasing to have our apartment homes decorated on the exterior throughout the property.

Our most reecent annual Christmas function is our “Christmas Carnival Food Drive.”  We set up carnival type games for children of all ages, complete with Christmas type prizes and small gifts.  Admission to the games is canned food, which is collected for our Baton Rouge Food Bank.  They provide the barrels for us.  We also collect raffle prizes such as cash and local gift certificates, donated by our vendors.  At the end of the carnival, we announce the winners of 25 or more raffles.  Residents can purchase raffle tickets with canned food donations.  One food item for each ticket, no limit.  This year residents brought food by the wagon-full, just to enter the raffles.  Our Christmas Carnival also provides a buffet with a wide variety of food and snacks, and residents really enjoy getting to know each other.  This carnival has become very satisfying to our staff because we know it is for a good cause, and each year we have collected more and more food donations.

Please share your Multifamily Holiday Idea with us!

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