Our goal at Newport and Concord Village is to cross-train all our staff, increase qualified traffic, encourage return visits, and improve our closing ratios. In addition, by cross-training, we will be able to improve the market-ready condition of our vacant apartments and decrease the response time to our maintenance requests. Our team members include the Newport and Concord Village management, leasing, and maintenance staff.

To achieve our goals, we are concentrating on familiarizing and training each of our team members at both Newport and Concord Village. By focusing on cross‑training, we aspire to have each team member familiar enough with each property to overcome prospect objections at either property, create “picture” descriptions of either property, and solve maintenance issues that may arise at either property. Not only will this fully utilize all the talents of each team member at both properties, but it will also help both teams work together as one.

Step 1: To increase qualified traffic at both properties, we are using referral cards. Those prospects who don’t apply for an apartment and indicate that they are “still shopping when prospects are encouraged to visit the sister property, they are given a referral card to take with them. If the prospect visits and applies for an apartment at our sister property before a specified date, he or she can use the referral card to get $50.00 off his or her first month’s rent. The cards feature a map and directions to the sister property.

Step 2: To foster additional interest in our sister community, each prospect folder will include a color flyer promoting the sister community and providing price ranges.  Daily apartment availability will be shared by Newport and Concord Village. In addition, at both properties, we are paying special attention to military rentals and farming our area businesses. Each week, a “hot sheet” will be faxed to the Military Housing Office and the area businesses to inform them of the APARTMENTS OF THE WEEK.

Step 3:
To encourage return visits of qualified prospects, each prospect will be mailed a “thank you” note, which includes a coupon for $50.00 off the last month’s rent. The coupon can be redeemed at either Newport or Concord Village and contains the starting prices and directions to each property.

Step 4: To improve closing ratios at both properties, Marketing Consultants are encouraged to set appointments at the sister properties for interested prospects.  The guest card of prospects interested in the sister property are faxed over to that property along with an appointment time. If the prospect rents, both the “referring” and the “showing” Marketing Consultant are paid a leasing bonus. To help the Marketing Consultant match the prospect with the appropriate apartments, a target list of apartments—including price ranges, square footage, and special features—are shared with each property weekly.

Step 5: To improve the market-ready condition of vacant apartments and to decrease the response time to our maintenance requests, we are currently cross‑training the staff at Newport and Concord Village.  By cross‑training staff, management can be more sensitive to the peak periods at both communities and assign staff where they’re most needed.  Both communities will benefit from the expertise and talents of all the staff members.

Contributed by the Management of Newport and Concord Village Apartment Homes

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