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12 p.m. Eastern on the 3rd Thursday of the month

July 19 – How the Maintenance Team Will Save Your Summer

         The summer months can cause a priority tug of war between turning units and addressing service requests. Learn strategies for maintaining balance between the two needs that not only benefit existing and new residents, but office and maintenance team members too!



August 16 – Move-In Magic

         New residents begin to make their lease renewal decision within the first hours and days of moving in. Learn the keys to a perfect or near-perfect move-in experience that sets the stage for lease renewal from Day 1.



September 20 – The Top 5 Ways You Can Impact Lease Renewals

         What has the greatest impact on resident loyalty? Here’s the latest data on what matters most to residents when they are making their lease renewal decision and what you can do to impact that decision.

October 18 – Generating Gratitude on Your Online Ratings

         How to maximize positive comments and scores on your rating and review sites, keeping in mind that online reputation begins with your onsite reputation.



November 15 – Leasing Agent: Stand Out! Get Noticed!

         An insider’s look on how to reach your full potential in the eyes of your prospects and your company, including, how to connect with prospects/new residents/existing residents, how to win points with the maintenance team, and how to impress your supervisor!

December 20 – Weighing the Value of Resident Events

         Do an internet search for “Resident Retention” and you’ll find hundreds ideas for resident events and activities. But what impact do these really have on resident loyalty? Learn what matters most to residents when they are making their lease renewal decision!