By Tami Siewruk Multifamilypro

Do you have a complete integrated marketing strategy?

An extremely powerful under-utilized leasing and marketing tool that we have in the apartment industry is the resident testimonial. Yet many times we use the excuse of being “too busy” or “I am not comfortable asking” to not actively request testimonials from our residents. Testimonials can have a tremendous impact on people deciding whether or not to lease in your community. And why is that true? People feel more confident about leasing an apartment if they know there are other satisfied residents. Frankly, the use of testimonials is one technique that is virtually guaranteed to increase your apartment community’s occupancy.

Stop right now and take a few minutes to imagine the POWER of 10, 25, 50 or more residents’ testimonials singing the greatness of your apartment community, your company and/or your apartment community services. POWERFUL! Why? Testimonials are more compelling and believable than anything you could possibly say about your company or apartment community to a prospective resident. Testimonials provide a reason to believe, which is a major component of a successful integrated marketing strategy.

When an apartment community gains a testimonial it gains a compelling reason for a prospective resident to believe in the ability of your community to deliver the promised benefits and values. With these POWERFUL testimonials the apartment community wins and wins BIG!

Testimonials are more likely to be believed than any print advertisement, any direct mail program, any billboard or even your website.  We know from numerous studies that peer testimonials are the top reason or influence for buying certain products.

Use the power of testimonials to help increase your occupancy. What is your plan for increasing the feedback your residents provide you with? Commit yourself today to collecting and using this POWERFUL leasing and marketing tool!