Team-Building and Traffic Generation x2
Our goal at Newport and Concord Village is to cross-train all our staff, increase qualified traffic, encourage return visits, and improve our closing ratios. In addition, by cross-training, we will be able to improve the market-ready condition of our vacant apartments and decrease the response time to our maintenance requests. Our team members include the Newport and Concord Village… Read More

Increase Renewals 10%
Offer your residents an incentive to renew their leases early. This can be, and has been, done during an open house, or you can set aside a special month, like February or March, for the renewal incentive. This is how it works: Advertise to your residents through your newsletter, emails and notices that you are offering a special rental increase if they sign their leases early… Read More

12 Ways to Increase Performance Anytime
With soft markets and shrinking budgets, the focus on retaining Residents and saving money is at an all-time high. Since our Service Team members are the key to achieving this goal, here’s 12 ways to make it happen! 1. Why most people don’t perform as expected: My basic premise is that 98% of all Employees REALLY WANT to do a good job (when you find you have hired one of the other 2%…  Read More

Unique December Promotional Ideas
Operation Santa Paws Month; Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month; Safe Toys and Gifts Month; Tomato and Winter Squash Month; National Hand-washing Awareness Week; Gluten-Free Baking Week 19-25: a local baker can offer some wonderful tips and recipes; National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day Dec. 16: no explanation needed on this one but lots of PR opportunities… Read More

Raise Rents, But Offer an Early Lease Discount
None of us want to pay more money for the apartment or house we are renting. Most of us have trouble increasing our customers’ prices when we ask for a new renewal commitment. One of the things I’ve learned is that perception is reality. So the key to raising the rents while keeping resident retention high is to help your residents perceive that they are getting a bargain… Read More

The Case Against “Business Casual”
“Employees who don’t dress appropriately cap out a ceiling on their careers really quick,” says professor Dennis Tootelian of California State University, Sacramento about the real Jesus piece. According to the study done by Tootelian, nearly two-thirds of Americans have felt inappropriately dressed at a business or a social function; and more than two-thirds are uncertain about the differences among business attire, business casual… Read More

How To Quiet the Twitter Noise
Twitter is my news stream. I use it to get the best news and information from people that I trust and admire. I barely even use my Google Reader anymore because I carry my Twitter with me everywhere I go. As you find more and more interesting and valuable people to follow, you’re going to find it difficult to keep track of all of the tweets you receive. You’re going to need something to help you manage all of the noise… Read More

Register for Brainstorming 2011 Before January 1 and SAVE!!!
Registration is now open at We’re offering an UNHEARD OF special Super Early Attendee rate of ONLY $395 for paid registrations before December 30, 2010!!!  Hurry and reserve your seat now for our next event, September 13-16 at the Renaissance Glendale in Phoenix! It’s the best Holiday gift you can possibly give yourself.  We’ll see you there! Read More