What Your Customers Really Want (Hint: It’s Not Just Price!)
Does your business have what it takes to consistently win in today’s market? How about keeping your customers loyal? If you think the price of your products or services is the reason you are attracting or not attracting and maintaining customers, think again. Today’s customers are savvy and want much more from their relationship with your company than just a low cost. Read More

Attitude of Gratitude at Work
Attitude is everything. Gratitude is the ultimate attitude adjustment. John is a manager with a software firm, and although he recalls being enthusiastic about his job during his first year in the position, he now questions why he keeps coming to work each day. John feels pressed and harried by his staff, and feels helpless to motivate them. Every complaint and annoying personnel issue seems to end up on his desk. Read More

Clean Energy Experts Announces MultifamilyG.Com
Clean Energy Experts is pleased to announce that it has launched its latest green website, MultifamilyG.com, dedicated to educating multifamily property managers, owners and investors about practical green technologies that can reduce operating costs and increase the community’s allure to residents with tools and information needed to reduce energy costs and green multifamily properties. Read More

The 34 Unwritten Rules of Management
1. Learn to say, “I don’t know.” If used when appropriate, it will be used often.
2. It is easier to get into something than to get out of it.
3. If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much
4. Look for what is missing.
5. When something appears on a slide, assume the world knows. Read More

Smoke Free Apartment Lease Addendum
As part of our Brainstorming Idea Exchange, Suzanne Dennis shared this excellent example of a Smoke Free Lease Addendum with us several years ago, and it remains one of the best examples we’ve seen, designed to apply only to residents who chose to lease in a non-smoking building while not affecting residents who choose to lease an apartment in a non-designated building. Read More

Multifamily Marketing Thoughts & Insights
It’s important to us that we stay on top of (and, ideally, ahead of) the needs of our customers and event attendees; so we regularly ask members of our online community to share their thoughts and insights. We asked marketing professionals this question: Based on today’s marketplace, what important new skills do you feel a Marketing Director needs to possess? Read More

Is Your Office an Information Toxic Dump?
Kathy is the office manager for a large corporation. The great news is that the company is growing and Kathy is looking for employees to handle all the new clients. The bad news is that she has no office space for these new employees to work in. The truth is, the office and storage areas are full of filing cabinets and the desks are covered in stacks of paper. Read More

Your Car or Your Cell Phone?
If you had to make the choice between having a car or a cell phone, which one would it be? Watch The Video Here