This post is a special shout out to Megan Kapijimpanga and her team at Village Crossing at Chino Hills, who took the time to share her thoughts.

Megan writes, “I just wanted you and Toni and everyone else to know how our lives have been affected in such a positive way since Monday, 3/28, Episode One. We immediately raised our rents (without telling anyone) and have leased more this week than last. We’ve had at 8 leases as of today (last week only 2) and we still have Saturday & Sunday left. This is just what the doctor ordered. My staff is pumped. We are certainly looking forward to April 4, Episode Two. Keep it coming … thank you so much for revitalizing my staff.”

Megan, thank YOU for sharing your inspiring success and best wishes to you and your AMAZING team as you continue on the path to Leasing @ Current Market Rents!