Every apartment marketing team experiences the challenge of trying to keep updated with all the trends, tools, techniques and resources that  flood the apartment marketing scene , and that is why Tami Siewruk at Multifamilypro took the time to identify  35 top resources for free marketing training for  2018.

  1. Internet Marketing for Smart People” by Copyblogger
  2. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content” by Coursera
  3. The Strategy of Content Marketing” by Coursera
  4. “Copywriting Blunders: Do You Make these 10 Common Mistakes?” by Udemy
  5. “Blogging: Generate 100s of Blog Topics and Headlines” by Udemy
  6. “Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises” by Udemy
  7. Content Marketing” by QuickSprout
  8. Email Marketing” by QuickSprout
  9. “Social Media” by QuickSprout
  10. Paid Advertising” by QuickSprout
  11. PPC University” by WordStream
  12. Social Media Marketing” by edX
  13. ” Social Media Quickstarter” Constant contact
  14. “Digital Storytelling and Social Media” by DS106
  15. “Blueprint” by Facebook
  16. Social Media Analytics” by quintly
  17. Social Media Week of Webinars” by Buffer
  18. Digital Marketing Course” by Google
  19. “SEO Training Course by Moz” by Udemy
  20. “Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy” by Udemy
  21. SEO” by QuickSprout
  22. Growth-Driven Design Certification” by HubSpot Academy
  23. Make a Website” by Codeacademy
  24. Learn Javascript” by Codeacademy
  25. Learn Ruby” by Codeacademy
  26. Learn Python” by Codeacademy
  27. Learn HTML & CSS” by Codeacademy
  28. Learn to Code Awesome Websites” by General Assembly
  29. “Creativity” by Canva
  30. Diploma in Social Media Marketing” by ALISON
  31. Social Marketing Training” by Hootsuite
  32. “Internet Marketing for Smart People Email Course”  by CopyBlogger
  33. “Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification” by Hubspot
  34. Content Marketing Certification” by HubSpot
  35. Email Marketing Certification” by HubSpot Academy


 Apartment Marketing in 2018