Voice Search

In 2018, voice search is one of the biggest threats to SEOs. When creating content, you have to consider the way in which people actually speak and how they would search using voice commands.

Attend session seven at Brainstorming and learn Voice Control For Leasing, Marketing and Management

Attend this session and then we will brainstorm our 2019 strategies.

Amazon’s runaway success, Alexa, is now available for businesses. According to their website, Alexa can:

  • Help you at your desk
  • Simplify conference rooms
  • Help around the office
  • Add voice to your apartments and services
  • How to Rank your apartments on Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • SEO

Is that good or bad? Voice controlled devices became popular at home in recent years, will they become popular at work in 2019?  Voice-controlled devices are great for helping with self-service and connected back-end bots, so they may have positive applications in our communities .  Learn how apartment communities can use voice tools to lease, market and manage . These devices can be “always listening”, which may raise privacy concerns in the workplace that might have been less concerning in the home. What do we need to keep an eye on? Join us and walk away with your own set of tools.