Texting for Apartment Leases

Fourteen months ago I had a client put a smartphone on each of their apartment communities; we have since provided the leasing teams with their own smartphone due to the demand of texting and the high response rate.

ways to lease an apartmentTexting has increased the conversions on all lead types. And yes they are converting to leases.

Telephone calls from prospects that were not returned and emails that were not being responded to are now receiving a response from text messages.

The Text Follow-up System does take some set up.

  1. Quick response messages to program a signature file for each leasing person.
  2. Some photos on the phone to share. Floor plans, models and amenities.
  3. The teams have been trained on how to drop a location pin for directions. Most know how to do this, but we covered all the bases.
  4. Program in a quick response and link to the online leasing process.
  5. Add a text only number on the website.

Results have been incredible! I highly recommend the Text Follow-up System as the phones pay for themselves the first day.