Apartment Industry Speakers

Are you seeking the perfect apartment industry speaker for your next event?

You want a professional apartment leasing, marketing or management speaker who will emotionally connect with your attendees, entertain them, give great content and leave them educated and motivated? Are you looking for a proven apartment professional who leaves their ego at the door so they can focus on the needs of  your employee?

Perhaps you need an “expert who speaks”? This is a book author or researcher who is a recognized expert in  the apartment industry who also speaks. They might be a currently active facilitator, consultant, coach and writer who speaks about their experiences and how they can help your company and employees

Whatever your needs are, Tami Siewruk is likely the  right speaker for your event. If she is not she will now the speaker and provide you with their contact information. Research goes a long way when you are choosing a speaker in the apartment industry. There are many levels of speakers in the apartment industry, with credentials and capabilities that vary widely.

You will want to look at fees, expenses, logistics, topics, expertise, professionalism, technology use, learning tools and most important of all, the audience outcomes the speaker creates for you, your organization and your sponsors.

Follow this link to a few of Tami’s seminars or customize one for yourself!

Apartment Leasing Today

For many Multifamily Leasing Professionals, leasing has become a challenge with the change in consumer’s expectations, higher rents, no concessions and the focus on raising rents at renewal, added responsibilities and less time! This tour focuses on arming you WITH a whole set of proven skills, strategies, resources and more, proven by years of success to help you  lease and renew more apartments. What would you say if we told you that you can learn how to lease more apartments, personally, from one of our industry’s most experienced authorities on leasing? Join Tami Siewruk and be amazed that targeted learning can be so fast, easy, and affordable, or the return on investment for your career and community been so HUGE!

Learn Today’s Apartment Leasing and establish a solid foundation of skills that will have you closing and renewing more leases immediately. Learn how to Turn Rants Into Raves: Turn Your Residents On Before They Turn On YOU! Build trust and exude credibility for stronger and more profitable relationships with your future residents; Learn hundreds of leasing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that are guaranteed to retain today’s consumer’s and work in today’s market conditions; Lease smart and with unmistakable confidence … using more than 137 tools! Celebrate a measurable increase in your renewals and closing ratios; replace frustration with continual inspiration! Master the best practices of leasing and renewing to reach your goals and set the bar higher … far beyond what you previously thought possible; Fall in love with how great it feels to lease confidently and skillfully without incentives and concessions!

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