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 The Best Apartments in Ocala, Florida Ocala, Florida is a picturesque city in Marion County, known for its beautiful landscapes, mild weather, and bustling city life. Whether relocating to Ocala or simply looking for a change of scenery, finding the best apartments in this city can be daunting. However, with some research and helpful tips, [...]

Multifamily Leasing Annual “Spring into Spring” Season Checklist! By Tami Siewruk The Prime Multifamily Leasing Season is about to “spring” forth, and it’s time to ask yourself if you’re prepared!  Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started:   Update your models. Ensure effective multifamily leasing by making certain that your models are […]

Apartment Presentations By Mary Sandro © ProEdge Skills, Inc. ( Raw information tickles the logical mind and bores the rest of the mind to sleep.  The result of an overly logical presentation: bored, sleepy listeners who remember nothing and do nothing.  Great presenters start with raw information, add their opinions, color it with imagery, and […]

  101 Secrets of Relationship Leasing! The first edition of Tami’s acclaimed “How To” for leasing more apartments and keeping more renters was released in 1999 and changed the careers and lives of thousands of Leasing Professionals! This new edition has been updated to create a new generation of front-line powerhouses … a MUST HAVE […]

Crime Fighting: Start a Crime clue box. Survey your neighborhood to find out what people think are the leading crime causes. Start a neighborhood watch program. Join a community crime prevention organizations such as DARE or McGruff Program. Work with local government to start a victim’s aid support service. Create a TV or radio public […]

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of  many designations available to members of the apartment industry. Simply click on any link below in order to access additional information. Please note that designations may have been introduced since this update, and fees or contact information may have changed. If you know of a designation that should […]