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Multifamily Leasing Annual “Spring into Spring” Season Checklist! By Tami Siewruk The Prime Multifamily Leasing Season is about to “spring” forth, and it’s time to ask yourself if you’re prepared!  Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started:   Update your models. Ensure effective multifamily leasing by making certain that your models are […]

  Fair Housing has been such a hot topic for so long now that most of us can recite “race, religion, color, national origin, sex, familial status, and handicap” in our sleep.  We’re all familiar with these as the primary factors that we cannot, by law, consider when presenting or leasing an apartment home.  The […]

  Now available FREE On Demand Are you looking to enhance your training program, improve your facilitation skills or gain more knowledge about learning and development in today’s changing workplace?Join the Grace Hill training experts as they present a show on MultifamilyproTV titled Let’s Talk Training! Multifamily Best PracticesIn each Free45-minute episode of this live […]

By Jennifer Nevitt Casey There’s a simple way every property manager can increase income from the property being managed, yet even some of the best managers overlook it: rethinking the way they use their waiting lists. Here’s what usually happens in the process of a resident vacating an apartment.  First of all, the resident gives […]

A guarantee is a powerful tool—for marketing, leasing and quality service —for five reasons: A guarantee forces you to focus on residents. Knowing what residents want is the sine qua non in offering a service guarantee. A community has to identify its residents’ expectations about the elements of the service and the importance they attach […]