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  Now available FREE On Demand Are you looking to enhance your training program, improve your facilitation skills or gain more knowledge about learning and development in today’s changing workplace?Join the Grace Hill training experts as they present a show on MultifamilyproTV titled Let’s Talk Training! Multifamily Best PracticesIn each Free45-minute episode of this live […]

Everyone knows resident testimonials gives your marketing and leasing team a “proof advantage” which boosts new leases and leasing without concessions. The reason is fairly simple—if you say how great the community is, it’s just bragging; but if residents say it for you, it must be true! The problem with getting great resident testimonials is […]

  There are a number of good reasons for establishing consistent, company-wide standards for stocking and organizing maintenance shops. It promotes efficiency by making it fast and easy for the service team  to find tools and supplies. It ensures that all routine maintenance service requests can be completed when scheduled, without having to order and […]

By Jennifer Nevitt Casey There’s a simple way every property manager can increase income from the property being managed, yet even some of the best managers overlook it: rethinking the way they use their waiting lists. Here’s what usually happens in the process of a resident vacating an apartment.  First of all, the resident gives […]

1.   Don’t use the word “take-over”—ever! This implies a hostile environment and immediately puts existing employees on the defensive. Use instead “transition.” 2.   Keep in mind that the transition, regardless of how smoothly it goes, will initially be very stressful for the existing employees.  Treat them with respect and empathy. While the reality is that […]