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From the series “What is included in your integrated marketing strategy?” “What is the purpose of apartment marketing?” This  question received different answers from everyone I asked. Is it to communicate?: Show the unique features of our apartments and/or services? Show how potential residents will benefit? How are your apartments and community different? Generate leads […]

Now available FREE On Demand Videos Join multifamily’s resident satisfaction and retention authorities, Lia Smith and Jen Piccotti of SatisFacts.  The absolute most effective thing you can do to keep your efforts on track is to safeguard your most valuable investment: the customers you already have. Given the high cost of turnover and that the […]

The marketing/sales “funnel”  that marketers are so focused on is outdated with respect to today’s social consumers.The traditional customer journey, or sales funnel, is one directional. As prospective customers make their way throughthe funnel, they pass through stages: Awareness, Interest,Evaluation, Commitment, Referral, and (hopefully) Repetition.The framework doesn’t account for any type of outside influence resulting […]

For many communities, the conversation has changed over the past 3 years from “why” or “should” we be involved in social media, to “where” and “how” social media should be done. A major component of answering those questions effectively is understanding which social sites your residents are concentrated. Communities should follow, not try to lead, […]

  Now available FREE On Demand Are you looking to enhance your training program, improve your facilitation skills or gain more knowledge about learning and development in today’s changing workplace?Join the Grace Hill training experts as they present a show on MultifamilyproTV titled Let’s Talk Training! Multifamily Best PracticesIn each Free45-minute episode of this live […]