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Monitoring Resident Conversations Like the apartment industry mantra about location, now it’s all about “data, data, data.” If you’re not tracking who’s having conversations about your apartment communities and whether those conversations are resulting in new leases, then you’re missing some of that data. Just think for a minute about the value you’d get from […]

By Tami Siewruk Think about what residents in your apartment community really, really want. Although their needs are numerous and complex, most of them ultimately center on personal issues like success, dignity,respect, individual achievement, and knowledge. If you can build your resident service enhancements around these seven key issues, you’ll have a better chance of […]

By Tami Siewruk Multifamilypro Do you have a complete integrated marketing strategy? An extremely powerful under-utilized leasing and marketing tool that we have in the apartment industry is the resident testimonial. Yet many times we use the excuse of being “too busy” or “I am not comfortable asking” to not actively request testimonials from our […]

From the series “What is included in your integrated marketing strategy?” “What is the purpose of apartment marketing?” This  question received different answers from everyone I asked. Is it to communicate?: Show the unique features of our apartments and/or services? Show how potential residents will benefit? How are your apartments and community different? Generate leads […]

n This time of year, doesn’t it just feel as though everything is flying straight at us at warp speed? With so many things that need to get done, it’s hard not to feel rushed. You’re probably already wishing for Valentine’s Day decorating and marketing ideas for your apartment community; so here’s a Valentine’s Day […]

Everyone knows resident testimonials gives your marketing and leasing team a “proof advantage” which boosts new leases and leasing without concessions. The reason is fairly simple—if you say how great the community is, it’s just bragging; but if residents say it for you, it must be true! The problem with getting great resident testimonials is […]

Our communities have a very aggressive resident referral program. We encourage our residents to refer friends, co‑workers, etc.  Recently, at two of our Ohio communities, we started making up “Resident Referral Gift Baskets.” These baskets contain candy, Play‑Doh, squirt guns, bubbles, gum, community brochures, and a resident referral flyer. The flyer explains the program: $200 […]

If paid referral incentives are legal in your area, consider increasing your reward just before the holidays, when residents are likely to be inspired by the idea of extra cash. Each year,  we use thousands of doorhangers to promote holiday referrals, and also attach a reminder to every service request in order to keep the […]

Make Your Community a Stop on the Tour Route “If you’re marketing to families, why not host field trips to your community from the local schools. This can be an educational opportunity for children to see how a community runs. Have your head service technician explain maintenance. Let the grounds people show off their work […]