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Team-Building and Traffic Generation x2 Our goal at Newport and Concord Village is to cross-train all our staff, increase qualified traffic, encourage return visits, and improve our closing ratios. In addition, by cross-training, we will be able to improve the market-ready condition of our vacant apartments and decrease the response time to our maintenance requests. […]

Make Your Community a Stop on the Tour Route “If you’re marketing to families, why not host field trips to your community from the local schools. This can be an educational opportunity for children to see how a community runs. Have your head service technician explain maintenance. Let the grounds people show off their work […]

Brad Marting’s presentation on How to Sharpen Your Financial Analysis Skills was delivered with humor and patience. Brad walked a roomful of mostly right-brain participants through a decidedly right-brain process—in a way that was both clear and interesting! Brad began with a couple of basic questions that illustrate many of our secret—or not so secret—feelings […]

This article is being republished for Alicia and Derek. Special Note to Alicia and Derek: When you have no availability in your one-bedroom apartments, it’s time to increase the rents. One of the biggest issues I see with apartment communities across the country is that they treat community occupancy as a whole when they should […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about lease expirations? If every resident simply moved in and stayed….and stayed…and stayed? Ah, but this is the real world—and in the real world, leases expire and residents move out. Even the best resident retention plan won’t  eliminate turnover. Because lease expirations are a fact […]