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Using Apartment Leasing Concessions for Wisely …IF you must. Here’s a surprise…an article from me on how to offer apartment leasing concessions! You don’t see that very often, and most of you know why. As a long-time opponent, I’m convinced that they make absolutely no sense. In a battle of concessions, communities are essentially competing […]

            There’s a simple way every property manager can increase income from the property being managed, yet even some of the best managers overlook it: rethinking the way they use their waiting lists.             Here’s what usually happens in the process of a resident vacating an apartment.  First of all, the resident gives notice.  Next, […]

by Tami Siewruk The last time you played “let’s pretend,” chances are you were only concerned with the three R’s (reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic). This time, we’re going to play a grown-up game of let’s pretend, where you get to be the resident or future resident—and we’ve got four R’s of an apartment community’s to […]

Sometimes, especially when we take over a property or replace a Manager, we find that the collection policy has not been followed, which almost always produces a major mess. Although it would be nice if we could just tell the Residents that “There’s a new sheriff in town” and you better start paying according to […]

Here’s a guaranteed way to get your residents to visit the office when you have trouble getting them to respond to your letters and calls at lease renewal time. Have you ever noticed that when the UPS person leaves a sticker on the resident’s door, they come running to the office? A post-it note from […]

“An Alternative Marketing Source—Increase Occupancy and Rental Income Simultaneously.” By Diane Steele There is a lucrative market of potential renters searching for a property just like yours to live at– the corporate business market. You may think businesses primarily rent corporate business apartments from communities that are large, have a corporate leasing team, or are […]

This is a great tool given to me by my Asset Manager to better manage my lease expirations with my traffic trends.  This idea took some getting used to because I was trained that we only offer 6 and 12-month lease terms. Those were the options no matter what month you leased an apartment home. With the Lease Expiration Board […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about lease expirations? If every resident simply moved in and stayed….and stayed…and stayed? Ah, but this is the real world—and in the real world, leases expire and residents move out. Even the best resident retention plan won’t  eliminate turnover. Because lease expirations are a fact […]

(And Other Soft Market Tips) By Doug Chasick, CPM®, CAPS, CAS, Adv. RAM, CLP, SLE Here’s a PROVEN strategy to deal with Resident turnover in a soft market. I’ve used it many times and it has always worked better than sending out renewal letters when my market disappeared! This idea is based on my belief […]