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A resident’s or future resident’s expectation and perception of value is made up of a lot of different factors; but the level of service your community provides is one of the biggest of them all. The service team has enormous and far-reaching influence over perceived value, reputation, leasing, retention, renewal efforts and more; and yet beyond technical ability, few […]

Note from Tami: Still true today! Grow Taller 4 Idiots By Brad Marting, CPM, CAPS 2000   It is often said that establishing maximum rental rates can determine the success or failure of a multifamily housing investment.  But it is more often said than done. Historically, rents have been increased based upon overall occupancy percentage.   […]

Here’s a guaranteed way to get your residents to visit the office when you have trouble getting them to respond to your letters and calls at lease renewal time. Have you ever noticed that when the UPS person leaves a sticker on the resident’s door, they come running to the office? A post-it note from […]