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Apartment Titles, Titles Everywhere! I am so confused! When I first entered this industry back in the early 70s, our terminology consisted of standard terms, including “leasing agent,” “resident,” “onsite manager,” “assistant manager,” and “property manager” and “property supervisor. But then again, we were also using words like “tenant,” “complex,” and “unit”—strictly taboo today. What […]

A resident’s or future resident’s expectation and perception of value is made up of a lot of different factors; but the level of service your community provides is one of the biggest of them all. The service team has enormous and far-reaching influence over perceived value, reputation, leasing, retention, renewal efforts and more; and yet beyond technical ability, few […]

  There are a number of good reasons for establishing consistent, company-wide standards for stocking and organizing maintenance shops. It promotes efficiency by making it fast and easy for the service team  to find tools and supplies. It ensures that all routine maintenance service requests can be completed when scheduled, without having to order and […]

1.   Don’t use the word “take-over”—ever! This implies a hostile environment and immediately puts existing employees on the defensive. Use instead “transition.” 2.   Keep in mind that the transition, regardless of how smoothly it goes, will initially be very stressful for the existing employees.  Treat them with respect and empathy. While the reality is that […]

1.  “Assembly Line”: “You are a number, apartment 5B, and we are here to process you.” Characteristics: timely, efficient, uniform, insensitive, uninterested 2. “Friendly Zoo”: “We are trying hard, but we don’t know what we’re doing.” Characteristics: friendly, interested, tactful, personable, inconsistent, disorganized, no follow up 3. “Winter”: “We don’t care.” Characteristics: cold, impersonal, aloof, […]

A guarantee is a powerful tool—for marketing, leasing and quality service —for five reasons: A guarantee forces you to focus on residents. Knowing what residents want is the sine qua non in offering a service guarantee. A community has to identify its residents’ expectations about the elements of the service and the importance they attach […]

Maintaining resident retention and solidifying the likelihood of lease renewal are two valuable goals of most property managers. That said, there’s a distinctive formula that must be in place to capitalize on tenant satisfaction and encourage tenure. And what exactly comprises this formula? Doug Miller, President of SatisFacts Research, explained that each unit turned over […]

By Walt Zeglinski “If your employees don’t know where you’re going, almost any road will get them there.” These are words that send chills through the hearts of leaders everywhere. And it’s why they work hard to develop business plans for their workforce to follow. Even the best-intentioned, savviest business plans can fail if the […]

Sometimes, especially when we take over a property or replace a Manager, we find that the collection policy has not been followed, which almost always produces a major mess. Although it would be nice if we could just tell the Residents that “There’s a new sheriff in town” and you better start paying according to […]