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Apartment Titles, Titles Everywhere! I am so confused! When I first entered this industry back in the early 70s, our terminology consisted of standard terms, including “leasing agent,” “resident,” “onsite manager,” “assistant manager,” and “property manager” and “property supervisor. But then again, we were also using words like “tenant,” “complex,” and “unit”—strictly taboo today. What […]

1.   Don’t use the word “take-over”—ever when changing apartment management companies! This implies a hostile environment and immediately puts existing employees on the defensive. Use instead “transition.” 2.   Keep in mind that the transition, regardless of how smoothly it goes, will initially be very stressful for the existing all on-site employees.  Treat them with respect […]

by Tami Siewruk I’m certain you’ve noticed all the talk about “benchmarking for success” over the past couple of years. It’s such a sensible approach that I’ve found myself wondering why it isn’t more prevalent in our industry. I’ve come to realize that the reason is the same as in most situations where change is […]

The First Internet TV Network Exclusively for Multifamily Professionals Multifamilypro announces a revolutionary new way for Multifamily Professionals to receive the information and insight they need to become more effective and successful in all of the major disciplines of our business including: Finance, development, leasing, marketing, management, operations, service, training, technology, and human resources, at […]

Hardcover – Item #LP01 – $47.50 or Soft Cover – Item #LPS01 – $29.50 You won’t find a better gift for yourself or your Leasing Team this year than this amazing planning and tracking tool designed especially for Leasing Professionals to track and improve their productivity! More than just a really great daily calendar with […]

Team-Building and Traffic Generation x2 Our goal at Newport and Concord Village is to cross-train all our staff, increase qualified traffic, encourage return visits, and improve our closing ratios. In addition, by cross-training, we will be able to improve the market-ready condition of our vacant apartments and decrease the response time to our maintenance requests. […]

We’re happy to announce the news that so many of you have been waiting for! The next Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions™ and Executive Brainstorming Sessions™ will be held… September 14-16, 2011 (with pre-event Meet & Greet on Tuesday, September 13) at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa, Phoenix, Arizona Registration is now open at […]

The Applied Surveys are in and we’re ready to announce the first exciting detail of next year’s national Brainstorming event! Break out those shiny, new 2011 calendars and write “BRAINSTORMING” across the top of: SEPTEMBER! We’ll announce the LOCATION any day now, so stay tuned! All we can tell you now is that it’ll be […]