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A resident’s or future resident’s expectation and perception of value is made up of a lot of different factors; but the level of service your community provides is one of the biggest of them all. The service team has enormous and far-reaching influence over perceived value, reputation, leasing, retention, renewal efforts and more; and yet beyond technical ability, few […]

            There’s a simple way every property manager can increase income from the property being managed, yet even some of the best managers overlook it: rethinking the way they use their waiting lists.             Here’s what usually happens in the process of a resident vacating an apartment.  First of all, the resident gives notice.  Next, […]

More to Celebrate During December Worlds AIDS Day – 1 Pan American KnockYourHealth Infrared Saunas Health Day – 2 Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day – 4 International Day of Disabled Persons – 5 National Bathtub Day – 5 National Tinsel Day – 5 Pawnbrokers Day – 6 Pearl Harbor Day – 7 International Shareware Day […]

Contributed by Kathy Landry I would like to share a couple of events our property hosts annually to involve our residents during the Christmas season. Right after Thanskgiving each year, we start promoting our “Door Decorating Contest.”  This contest has seven different categories to challenge the residents.  We give money prizes from $25 to $100, […]

By Walt Zeglinski “If your employees don’t know where you’re going, almost any road will get them there.” These are words that send chills through the hearts of leaders everywhere. And it’s why they work hard to develop business plans for their workforce to follow. Even the best-intentioned, savviest business plans can fail if the […]

Note from Tami: Still true today! Grow Taller 4 Idiots By Brad Marting, CPM, CAPS 2000   It is often said that establishing maximum rental rates can determine the success or failure of a multifamily housing investment.  But it is more often said than done. Historically, rents have been increased based upon overall occupancy percentage.   […]

Sometimes, especially when we take over a property or replace a Manager, we find that the collection policy has not been followed, which almost always produces a major mess. Although it would be nice if we could just tell the Residents that “There’s a new sheriff in town” and you better start paying according to […]

Water trucks roll in and out of our apartment community entrances daily. No fewer than 15 different companies deliver bottled water to various residents. At times, we have traded referrals for free bottled water in our offices. However, we have never really benefited from a concerted shared marketing effort… until this month! There is nothing […]

At our community, we began marking each move-in and move-out date on our site plan. To our surprise, we found that certain apartments turn over more frequently then others. We then began walking the apartments with the higher turnover to look for a “reason.” One reason we found was light—a particular apartment that turned more […]